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Random Thoughts


Squawk away Macke!

  • Just another day in Red Dye.

  • The Pump Dumps.

  • "The late rally provided much needed relief to the decline in Financials, and many closed at or near their highs on the day. The tape's volume contracted from Friday's print, and with breadth negative on the NASDAQ, there were few signs of vitality. That lack of vitality, or at least speculative interest, is what we measure in our NASDAQ vs. NYSE volume ratio indicator, and it's now at the lowest levels since 2003." -- Lehman sage Jeff DeGraaf

  • "It's definitely good to be in Chapel Hill, and we are all pretty pumped up about winning the championship. I recently graduated from the MBA program and actually work at an investment firm in Chapel Hill as an equity analyst. It's been a long time coming for the Heels. Since I probably won't be in NYC to attend a Succofest in the near future, I wouldn't mind any of the other options, or an autographed mug shot of Jeff Macke. I just wanted to say that I am proud to be a Minyan, and Toddo - I really hope that your vision of the 'Ville becomes reality, because it's the best stuff on the web." -- March Madness Minyan winner Biren Patel.

  • Note the tetherball action that is SOX 410 and NDX 1482 and factor that smack into our technical assimilation.

  • The revenge of Andy Dufresne.

  • What kind of name is Poole?

  • Will the Zigzag market continue? After a harsh January, the February bounce and a horrid March, some folks are looking for April to flip the switch back to Matador City. While it could happen, the tone and tenor of the tape seems to have shifted (the path of least resistance is now lower).

  • Why can't we be friends...why can't we be friends?...

  • Speaking of which, the San Francisco sage will be guest hosting Squawk Box tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. Break a leg Jeff!

  • Isolationism? Leave us alone!

  • Teacher's Vette!

  • "We are treating the March 7th reaction high as an important high until proven wrong, but continue to think the equity markets are trying to "put in" a tradable low. So far, however, that strategy has proven questionable. Indeed, 2005 is shaping up to be just as difficult as 2004. And, if you don't think 2004 was a tough year, just listen to this headline from last week, "Specialists on the NYSE lost $38 million in 2004 vs. a $3 million profit in 2003." We made good money in both of those years but it was only because we stuck with our discipline of managing the risk, which is why stop-loss points for all of our trading positions are slightly below their respective 2005 reaction lows." -- Uber-Minyan Jeff Saut of Raymond James

  • Don't worry, Farmer Fred, there isn't any inflation ex-food and energy!

  • Meehan has volunteered to move to New Zealand and help the penguin chicks find their way.

  • Vibes from Dr. Hussman.

  • Mr. Collins has evolved into a mighty fine young trader.

  • The Minyanville experience continues to evolve behind the scenes as the vision takes shape and the pieces fit into place. If you would like to be a part of the effort, either as a Minyan Ambassador, summer intern or "other," please let us know. A dream is only as powerful as the people who believe in it and human capital remains our most precious commodity.

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