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More Random Thoughts!


Here comes earnings season!


  • Pull up a 10-day chart of the NDX. There's a "reverse head and shoulders" camp out there but if the NDX breaks 1045, the potential pattern is negated.

  • Keep an eye on treasuries here -- they're creepin' while you're sleeping.

  • Did some channel checks on the flow. Hearing from one of my best guys that it's ALL program-related on the buy side, the gorillas are deathly quiet (out of ammo) and -- this surprised me -- the big hedge funds are all still short. I'm gonna do a little work on this last one as I was under the impression that the big boys got squeezed out into March expiration. Stay tuned.

  • I'm hearing that Miller Light is pitching Daisy and Phoebe Cates for their new ad campaign. Into the mud pit!

  • Yes, this tape is VERY programmy.

  • The NYSE breadth has been constructive all day. Regardless of posture, we must note that.

  • Dollar. Crude. Gold. Bonds. Equities. Got it?

  • The VIX is starting to make a move.

  • MSFT is trading heavy today.

  • Citigroup has been dry today.

  • Fokker was late to work today -- something about the bus or traffic or the sun was in his eyes or the dog ate his homework. Whateva. My conspiracy theory is that he overslept after stalking the waitress from Q-Lounge!

  • Brian nailed the bond-to-stock trade.

  • Everything is coolio with the Margarita Mama -- thanks to all the ol' school Minyans for asking.

  • Oh cool -- earnings season is about to begin. Good thing we've had these last few relaxing weeks to ready ourselves!

  • Good luck to the Syracuse Orangemen this weekend. You're playing a very talented bunch from Texas. May the best team win.

  • The Craw!

  • Prayers to our soldiers as they battle through the weekend.

  • Here comes the ramp attempt -- let's see if Snapper has the juice.
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