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Random Thoughts!


Fare ye well into the bell!


  • I told you that Daisy was a hot commodity!

  • Writing Gallery.

  • The University of Minyanville Student Lounge will likely open next week and house various articles that are live, dynamic...and free. We will also be holding live interactive chats there--in time--to allow ye faithful to interact directly with the professors.

  • Jeremy spoke in claaaaass today.

  • Taser Int'l (TASR:NASD). Wow.

  • I am so fried after this week, I feel like you could add some chicken and serve me in a Chinese restaurant. Chicken Fried Toddo?

  • In mythology, Tantalus was a king who committed one of the most vile acts imaginable -- serving the body of this own son to the gods for dinner. He was punished by being sent to the land of the dead where he was to forever stand in a pool of cool water with luscious fruit hanging over his head. Every time he tried to get some fruit it was pulled from his reach and when he bent down to drink the water would sink so low that he couldn't reach it. Thus the word "tantalize."

  • You can cut a starfish into chunks and each piece will grow into a whole new starfish. (But please don't try this at home.)

  • Lehman's aptly named technician, Jeff DeGraff, mused in his morning missive: Metals, like all assets classes, were benefactors of the re-liquefaction trade, but had the extra advantage of being a benefactor of the China boom (an unsustainable condition in our opinion). These names were +2 standard deviations on a 26-week rate-of-change basis back at the beginning of this month, suggesting a parabolic environment had developed, that phase as come to an abrupt end, but the precious metals still look like secular uptrends on our charts.

  • Did you really think that I was gonna pull the Randoms?

  • Beeks will be busy next week with Friday's payroll data being the feather on his economic cap.

  • Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them" - Unknown

  • Every time I hear the words "Kentucky Derby" I think of Bill Meehan. I think that's awesome.

  • Nobody asks questions when the screens are green. But a few more weeks like this and you can be certain that the finger pointing will pick up in pace.

  • Hoofy and Boo just started break-dance fighting.

  • Despite the slippage, volatility measures (VXO, VXN) are marginally changed.

  • Why did I just get a Steely Dan ditty in my head? (Can you guess which one?)

  • Torrid Amos?

  • I was hoping for a quiet Friday. No such luck. Gonna post this and hop back on the Buzz. It's been a tiring week but make smart decisions into the close such that you can turn it off for the next two days. You've surely earned it!

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