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Quickie Randoms


Take human bites Toddo!


  • I have a breakfast meeting this morning (which I totally spaced) and will therefore be 'out' until the opening. Thanks kindly for understanding.

  • stag·fla·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (stg-flshn) n. Sluggish economic growth coupled with a high rate of inflation and unemployment

  • Boo will argue that widely 'accepted measures' of inflation and unemployment are understated. And he doesn't even drive!

  • The dollar index, which is becoming increasingly important, is (barely) on the south side of the 200-day moving average.

  • Mom's China.

  • The VXO popped and dropped right from 18 (200-day).

  • Remember when the 50-day moving averages were the collective focus?

  • The Minxy dynamic has shown signs of real supply for the first time in a mighty long time.

  • The tricky Nikkei, down 2% last night, held at double support (April low/50-day).

  • Wisdom typically comes from one of two things: age or adversity.

  • Will Carrie have a bucket of silver dumped on her head?

  • "Sell stops," which were 'set' below the April trading range in the S&P and NDX, triggered the mini-whoosh (vacuum) into yesterday's late afternoon trading. The uber-mini Snapper took those indices back to the bottom of that band.

  • With all these band camps, you would think that Collins would bring his flute to work!

  • Lifted from last night's Fleck Rap.

  • I still don't think that there should be a 'distinction' between testifying and testifying under oath.

  • The small caps (Russell 2000) remain a decent 'liquidity' proxy (they're still in the 2004 range of 555-605).

  • Charts don't lie, people do.

  • Brian Reynolds, who's been spot on in his educational analysis, has been making the (very valid) point that, in contrast to the negativity in the equity market, corporate spreads remain at or near the best levels in years. Ignore it at your own risk.

  • Alright--now I'm REALLY late--I'll be back near the opening bell so enjoy the shmear, map a cogent strategy (for all scenarios) and think positive--it all starts within.

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