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Random Thoughts


I love the Red Sox!


  • The tape acts firmer than a college cheerleader and I'm keying off the banks. The SOX, meanwhile, is sluggo and that's leading to an S's over N's type of day.

  • As the Dow is the "laggard," I rented some Dow Diamonds (DIA:Amex) as an upside hedge vs. my cheap paper (if and when). Full disclosure: I am actively trading, so please don't read into what I'm saying, I'm simply sharing the process.

  • Good luck to cousin Richard Mandelbaum!

  • S&P 910, Dow Jones 8450 and NDX 1100 are the technical support lines in the sand and can be used as "stop levels" on your longs (bulls) or upside hedges (bears).

  • When will the dollar start to matter? When everyone thinks it doesn't matter anymore.

  • The breadth has improved and is now almost 3:2 positive on the NYSE.

  • Watch Tyco (TYC:NYSE) as a huge market tell.

  • If I stuck with the Shim Sham, I'd be stylin' and profilin'. Then again, if wishes were knishes, I'd be pushin' 250 lbs.

  • Storage trades firm (QLogic (QLGC:Nasdaq)).

  • It's important for Minyans to understand that I actively "trade around" my book (thesis) when intraday opportunities arise. Example: I own Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE) June 70 puts and "rented" some underlying, delta neutral, this morning. While my big picture thesis on the financials remains uber-furry, I will dance until I see the whites of their eyes.

  • There are more signatures coming on the all-star guitar!

  • I miss summer camp.

  • If you want to play the low vols, you don't have to bet directionally -- you can play delta neutral. You don't understand what I'm saying? Talk to professor... ah, I'll tell ya tomorrow.

  • The Mavericks are fun to watch. Did you guys see that WSJ article last week on Mark Cuban? What a trade!

  • Stock picking vs. tape calling will differentiate performance in a big way in the year ahead.

  • Fokker has done some impressive work in the "Dow vs. Gold" trade (on a per unit basis). I'll try and get a chart up soon -- he's such a proud boy!

  • Troy Hudson?

  • In viewing the market -- cycles, phases, trends and nuances -- it's important to match your risk profile to your time horizon.

  • Remember The Dating Game? Where was the strangest place you've ever made "whoopee?" That would have to be .. ... ...., Bob!"

  • I'm still stunned by the gestures of our fellow Minyans Jordan, Doug and Jed. That's VERY cool!

  • The more people think that we're in a new bull market and the worst is behind us, the more bearish that is. That's not today's business, per se, but it's worth putting out there.

  • Who did Jack replace when he moved in with Janet and Chrissie? The first correct answer sent to get's a free Minyanville tee!

  • Let's get our troops home!

  • For the record, I am a Knicks fan and a Rangers fan. While Syracuse and the Raiders did me proud (Superbowl performance notwithstanding), I am not the bandwagon type. I'll suffer with my teams -- I did so with Oakland for many years -- it only makes the victory sweeter when it finally happens.
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