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Random Thoughts


Are you using prices to your advantage or are they hindering your clarity?

  • S&P 1310 failed five times last month and while there was once a time I would spend all morning playing ketchup, I'm sitting tight and scanning both sides of the coin.

  • While the Matador Crowd enjoys a group giggle, my eyes are flickering between NYSE internals (only 3:2) and negative Nazz breadth. That's odder than Pepe's wardrobe!

  • "It is fascinating. In the West, you have bigger homes, yet smaller families; you have endless conveniences -- yet you never seem to have any time. You can travel anywhere in the world, yet you don't bother to cross the road to meet your neighbors...I don't think people have become more selfish, but their lives have become easier and that has spoiled them. They have less resilience, they expect more, they constantly compare themselves to others and they have too much choice -- which brings no real freedom." The Dalai Lama, in an interview with a British newspaper.

  • I've nibbled ever-so-gently on some more "out month" piggy puts. This way, I'm free to "rent" longs if and when the mood strikes. So you know, that "mood" hasn't struck me this morning.

  • Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely pee....

  • Chatter is ruminating that this is a "hangover effect" following Friday's S&P rebalancing (499 stocks were sold to make room for Google). It might be--but either way, the mechanics of our trading swing should remain constant.

  • Bing! Ned Ryerson tells us that the VXO is off a quick finski (5%).

  • So, Warren Buffett is betting $14 beans (those are big beans) that the global markets won't plunge over the next 15-20 years? This, from a guy who's repeatedly lamented that there are fewer and fewer bargains out there? And he's doing it with volatility levels hovering near historic lows? Color me (respectfully) confused by the Oracle of Ohmygawd's latest disclosure

  • Citi Citi Bang Bang? $48 is back as a near-term level of lore.

  • As Good as it Gets: Minyans, if you haven't printed and perused Jeff Saut's weekly missive, "Notes from the PIMCO Investment Conference," please do so at your earliest convenience. Jeff offers a sage recap of his time spent with Colin Powell, Alan Greenspan and Bill Gross. It's an intelligent read, as always, and I wanna call it to your attention. His thoughts on this week?

    "A bunch of mergers, combined with a renewed yen "carry trade," has the pre-opening futures pretty perky this morning. Consequently, look for a higher opening that could build into an upside blow-off into Wednesday's synchronistic serendipity when at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 a.m., the time and date will be 01:02: 03 04/05/06, which will not happen again in our lifetimes."

  • Professor David Miller calmly waits his turn for the Minyanville Weigh-In.

  • Barron's gave the critters a nice 'lil plug this weekend. Thanks for the vibes, guys (and gals).

  • Are you using prices to your advantage or are they hindering your clarity? If it's the latter, you're likely positioned a bit too aggressively.

  • The greenback, which was up nicely this morning, has given back all of its nub.

  • I thought Television's JeffMacke did a heckuva job on his Fast Money debut. Look for the golden dome to appear more often in the weeks ahead.

  • "I disagree with Goldman Sach regarding Barrick Gold (ABX) and Newmont (NEM). What about the combined hedge books versus a non-hedger? Just my opinion." Laurie McGuirk on today's Buzz (he has a position in NEM)

  • And worry not--Laurie will still be in Vail for MIM3!

  • Pharma is once again trying to make a stand at DRG 330, which is the right shoulder of some snazzy reverse dandruff (positive).

  • After "lobbying" to stay in Saturday night to watch the NCAA games, I thought both quarterfinals were relative snoozers. I'm still looking forward to tonight's championship, however, and wish our southbound and westward Minyans the best of luck!

  • CRYING?!? There's no crying in baseball!!!

  • Emails are flying in fast and hard on the Minyans in the Mountains announcement. Yes, we're excited too and we'll open the gates shortly. I can already taste the S'Mores, smell the cracklin' fire and hear the live music as Minyans mingle in the cool Colorado breeze!

  • "Point & Figure Index Overview: DJIA support - 11,100, resistance - 11,250. SPX support - 1290, resistance - 1315. NDX support - 1700, resistance - 1720. RUT support - 750, resistance - 766, BKX support - 105, resistance - 108.50. XBD support - 226, resistance - 230. SOX support - 490, resistance - 510. OSX support - 204, resistance - 212. XAU support - 140, resistance - 144." Pepe Depew on today's Buzz. And yes, this content is a small sampling of the dynamic real-time vibe on the Buzz so, if you're not Buzzin', you're missing alotta our best 'stuff.

  • Congrats to Minyan John Barranco, who is still sitting atop the Minyan March Madness Bracket. And many, many thanks to ye faithful who have stepped up with a "non-winner" donation to the Ruby Peck Foundation.


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