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Random Thoughts


  • Debbie Downer with a frowner.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag "Have you guys noticed that over the past week, the Fed has done its first permanent liquidity injections since last year? What do they know and when did they know it? Minyan Steph."

  • Horror Show!

  • Kim Chan, 40, of a village in Cambodia announced recently that he had a "heavenly possessed" cow that could cure illnesses by exposure to its bodily fluids. Local official Khun Somnang disputed the claim, saying, "We had a holy cow here a year and a half ago and you don't get two that close together." (South African Press Association-Deutsche Press Agentur)

  • Linda Barrett shoulda gone for Brad Hamilton.

  • Goldman (GS) has thus far failed at our upside line in the sand ($107.50).

  • Fear Factor? The VXN is off 5% and the VXO is coughing back a deuce (2%).

  • The semis are somewhat sloppy. That, along with the financials, are Hoofy's two biggest action issues.

  • Meehan!

  • Expect the bulls to band their wagons right here (S&P 1140ish and NDX 1405). If they can't hold 'em, these levels will turn into the new resistance.

  • Pass the Herb! Coming soon to a Buzz near you!

  • No Phoebe, it's not a feedbag!

  • "Futures are quite a bit higher this morning. Can it last? Virtually all of the NASDAQ's loss for the month occurred on Fridays. The combined loss over the last four Fridays (all in April) is 70.50 points (looking at NASDAQ futures). At yesterday's close, the total loss for the month was 78.50 points. " -- Jason Roney on today's Buzz

  • The XBD (brokers) is sitting directly on the weekly lows and the action/reaction there may hold clues to the fuse. This complex takes on additional importance as a rate proxy ahead of the Fed.

  • Treasure Chest!

  • The uptick rule is coming, the uptick rule is coming!

  • One of my trusted traders tells me that he saw a slew of short-selling yesterday.

  • Peek Freens should lighten up.

  • I can't shake the feeling that the Yankees are NASDAQ 2001.

  • Sticky situation.

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