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Random Thoughts


Controlled aggressiveness!


  • The brokers are getting hit on increased worries of class-action lawsuits. My big-picture bear thesis in the group is predicated more on derivative issues and margin pressures but these clouds don't help.

  • Confidence is an essential element of successful trading.

  • Click here if you want to take a look at the kick-ass Minyanville charity guitar! The critters were a little pissed that they weren't asked to sign but Mr. Buffett takes precedence. Sorry guys.

  • I told Snoop Tone this morning that I have a really hard time believing that June puts -- at this level of volatility -- won't pay off in spades. The risk is that we're kicking off an new bull market. At these level of valuations on the heels of the world's biggest bubble? I'll fade that thought process.

  • My dad, who's in New York for the first time in many years, spent the better part of yesterday at ground zero paying his respects. I plan on sharing a story with my fellow Minyans but be forewarned, it's about life -- not finance.

  • The BTK (biotech index) is about to give a stochastic sell signal.

  • How many traders are waiting for the month-end rally to sell into?

  • My college pledge name was Spooge. Don't ask.

  • When I refer to "cheapie" out-of-the-money puts, I generally mean that they cost less than a dollar.

  • The banks led us up -- are they now leading us down or is this the pause before BKX 800 finally gives?

  • There's a lot of positive Cisco (CSCO:Nasdaq) chatter floating around (I'm not involved at present).

  • The German DAX paused at our ol' buddy 3000.

  • Trading "on" economic numbers is a dicey proposition.

  • Critters on ice!

  • DXY 98ish (dollar index) is the March low. We're at 98.07 right now.

  • Make-up sex with an ex is awesome... unless you're not involved in the process.

  • There are a couple more surprise signatures coming on the guitar!

  • It doesn't matter which faith you practice as long as it helps you to become a better person.

  • If S&P 911 breaks, look for S&P 900 in a hurry.

  • Breadth hangs tough.

  • I remain resolute in my big picture bearish beliefs. Profitability, however, will be dictated by the path we take to reach our destination.

  • With that said, and as a function of my defined risk paper, dollar lethargy, pervasive bullishness and widespread complacency, I'm slipping that leg back into my bear costume (makes one appendage, or 25% conviction). I realize I may be (read: am likely) early on this go round but if nothing else, I am honest with my readers.

  • Engine room, more steam!

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