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Freaky Friday Random Thoughts


There will be good days. There will be bad days.

  • "If you are interested in helping out or joining us for the ride, please contact me. Also, feel free to visit the site dedicated to my father as I pedal in honor of his memory." Greg "Fokker" Roberts

  • Microsoft is very soft to the tune of 11%. I suppose we'll find the answer to our "are there any true bellwethers left?" in short order.

  • Morning breadth was flat to the share on the big board but quickly skipped to a 9:5 posture. The four-letter freaks remain flat and flatter.

  • A recipe for "S's over N's"? (Citigroup over Microsoft?)

  • I was reading my buddy (and MIM panelist) John Roque this morning, who opined that a "five year "big base" counts to a projected technical target of BKX 140." He might be right--he's a pretty sharp cookie--so you can color me respectful. Be that as it may, I've been trading around my positions (from the short side) and I've thus far been wrong. I "see" the breakouts and understand that buyers beget buyers but my sense is that there's a lot more "risk" to these names than charts might indicate.

  • We've been overwhelmed with the sign-ups for MIM3. Please remember that the uber-early bird special expires this week and that there are limited rooms available at Vail Cascade.

  • S&P 1315 is the level of bovine lore once more. I offer that thought as I have a meaty midtown mindmeld for lunch and, as you know, the Minx likes to have fun while I'm not buckled into my turret.

  • Another day, another strong spurt by the metal heads. Gold is up double digits and silver is higher by more than 4% higher.

  • Geopolitical risk has become a recipe for opportunity lost. Still, it would be myopic not to follow the news as the world turns.

  • No worries, you say? You might be right considering that the IAEA just said Iran isn't "forthcoming" with its nuclear information and the VXO is pretty in ten handle pink (VXO 10.75).

  • The dollar squalor continues as the DXY dips another 30 bips. As Succ and I discussed last night, it's pretty clear that Boom Boom is willing to let the dollar drop as far as market forces (or foreign holders) will allow.

  • Despite all the waxing and waning, the S&P is flickering precisely where it started the week.

  • Buzz Bit, Jason Goepfert Style:

    "Just a quick note on the media-induced delirium over the comment yesterday that the Federal Reserve may, at some time, temporarily halt their rate hikes, and the possible impact on equities. I would point Minyans to the definitive work by Ned Davis Research first of all, as it goes back further than I am able. However, this might serve as a good appetizer:

    Future six-month performance after last Fed hike (1969 - present):

  • The Milken Institute offers an interesting roundtable discussion on the flu pandemic. Thank you Minyan Doug Kass for putting this on our radars.

  • I've heard of keeping your ear to the ground but this is nuts!

  • As per my normal "deep breath," I wanna see the tone of the tape once the initial flurry subsides and we round the 10:00 hour.

  • The NFL draft begins tomorrow and I'll ask the Raider Nation to take a moment to "mindfully will" a strong QB to the Raiders.

  • Congrats Minyan Matt "I'll see you in Vail" Waugh and his fiancée Erika on their pending nuptials.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "I know you have expressed interest in water, especially since Mr. Saut's keynote address last year. I am reading a truly stunning book on the subject and wanted to pass along the info. Here is an interview with the author and also a link to the book. Keep up the great work and please pass along to Mr. Saut if you think he would be interested. Don't just hug a tree, hug a wetland! Happy Belated Earth Day, Minyan David. PS. Todd, the foreword to the book is written by Canadian David Suzuki, who was recently named one of the top ten Canadians of all time by CBC watchers and listeners (a little nationalistic project by our publicly funded broadcaster). Here is a link about the man so you can drop a little Canuck science and impress your Queen.

  • There will be good days. There will be bad days. There will be Saturdays, and that's where I wanna be. Fare ye well into the bell and have a heckuva weekend!

  • R.P.
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