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Random Thoughts




  • S&P 920ish (previous top) will offer the next discernable resistance. As it stands, however, the S&P has put in a third "lower high" in as many days.

  • There is nothing more important than family. Seeing my pops after all these years -- and it's quite a story -- has been cleansing on many levels.

  • How many times will BKX 800 hold?

  • I'm hearing asset alligator stories all over the street (out of bonds into stocks).

  • While the University is slated to launch next month, my mind is already starting to wander towards the elementary school.

  • Over the course of time, there will be cycles in which our trading mojo is stellar and periods when it'll be icy. The key is to identify a consistency that allows us to prosper when we "see it" and endure when we don't.

  • The Internet names are a blip of red in a sea of green.

  • The spooz trades as if there's a program in motion.

  • Thanks to Fleck, John Roque, Doug Kass, Seth Tobias and Snoop along with Warren Buffett, Leon Cooperman, Mario Gabelli, Jim Grant, Jim Chanos, Jerry Jordan, Peter Lynch, Bill Gross and... "others" on signing The Ruby Peck Foundation auction guitar. That's awesome!

  • I'm seeing macro hedge funds "pressing" the long side. I think they "caught" some of their brethren leaning the wrong way and are attempting to twist the knife a bit.

  • A few weeks ago, the "relative field position" trade between the SOX and BKX is a textbook example of the sector rotation opportunities we discussed in the earlier post.

  • Dow Jones 8521 remains a "level" on the upside.

  • Is it me or was this year's NFL draft very soft?

  • Good luck to Carmello Anthony on his next step forward!

  • The dollar is starting to firm a bit -- watch DXY 98ish as an important support level.

  • Posters of the critters make fantastic artwork for any child's room!

  • Do I think cheapie downside QQQ puts (out to June) make sense? Absolutely. Is that a recommedation? No. This is an educational community and we don't do that here.

  • Will SARS be the next "excuse" in a long line of corporate excuses? Electoral confusion, corporate malfeasance, war jitters....

  • Happy Birthday Steve Nitkin!
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