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Random Thoughts



  • SPY risk.

  • Put an A.D.D person in a sensory overload environment and strange things happen.

  • President Fish and I will be traveling to Virginia tomorrow on a critter mission. I'll likely scribe a morning vibe and then slip from the ship for the southbound trip.

  • Please also note that the drillers are getting Punk'd on this latest data point. OSX 130 is the April low and a level that Hoofy will look to hold.

  • And you thought that you were having a bad day?

  • Pass the Herb! Are you a big Herb Greenberg fan (as I am)? Minyans should pay close attention to the Buzz & Banter in upcoming weeks for further insights from sunny San Diego!

  • Level Lore: Please keep close tabs on TRAN 3360 and SOX 382 on a closing basis.

  • This is how Boo sees the market.

  • Crude is off 3.5%. If we rally, that'll be the obvious reason assigned to the rhyme. If we slip, it'll be buried in the back story of tomorrow's verbiage.

  • "The commentary from the professional (accounts) is not negative. It's my opinion that the market remains positioned long and performance anxiety is greater (than the fear of losing) as we ready to close the month." -- Minyan Greg Ehlers of UBS

  • I'm not a huge A-Rod fan but ten ribbis in one game is pretty impressive.

  • If memory serves, we got a bunch of upside probes yesterday that were ultimately faded (sold). The onus is on Hoofy to establish a stronger foothold if he hopes to avoid a repeat performance.

  • Please keep an eye on Cold, er, Goldman (GS) $107.50 as an upside line in the sand. That's where the big bank failed and that's where some supply likely sits.

  • Head up, Meehan, one door closes and another door opens.

  • If you're an active Minyan, the Buzz is the place to be. If you're a longer-term type, we'll be building the content proposition in the months ahead to offer a broader critter experience.

  • The Kings simply aren't the same without C-Webb.

  • A savvy trader pal called me this morning to say that he's covering his "old school" shorts as sentiment is at an extreme. The first question I asked him was one of horizon. While anything is possible in the near-term nuance, I humbly disagree that angst is palpable (or actionable).

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