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Bill of Goods


May peace be with you!


Oh boy -- I think I've opened a can of Play-Doh worms. I was a tad ambiguous with today's trivia question and I can already smell a controversy brewing. Mr. Bill, from Saturday Night Live fame, had a faithful dog (Spot), a trusty friend (Mr. Hand) and an old nemesis (Sluggo). While I was referring to Sluggo -- oh noooooo! -- I can't (in good conscious) argue against the other answers. As such, Mark Neuman, Barry Finkenberg and Deadhead Lungman will ALL receive their choice of Minyanville tees. Who said I wasn't a stand-up guy! (That's a rhetorical question)

The Minx is making things interesting as we round third and head for home. The financials, while still sluggo, are well off their lows, the internals (while still negative) are edgin' back and the S&P is in the process of filling the opening gap (fillage). I'm weighing the nervous and reactive trading community (bullish) versus the fact that most people are expecting an end-of-day rally (bearish). What am I doing? A little less, while manicuring my end-of-day risk profile.

It's been a long week of earning and churning but don't hit that wall just yet -- we've got one more day to go. Tonight's earnings and tomorrow's economic data will surely color the price action so remain lucid as we make our end of day decisions. Today's action is (once again) constructive but, as we know, tomorrow is promised to nobody -- whether it's the stock market or the supermarket. Trade smart.

I'm gonna sign off and juggle hats so let me take this time to wish you good luck tomorrow and a healthy, peaceful weekend thereafter. Remember that the reason we all work so hard is so we're afforded the opportunity to enjoy the important things in life. In a few years, chances are that you won't remember today's P&L. Good memories? They'll last a lifetime. Make it count, Minyans, and enjoy the ride.

Have a peaceful night.
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