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Random Thoughts


If the banks, breadth and dollar don't firm, I may not be able to treat Daisy to her day of beauty (not that she needs it!)


  • There's low level chatter of an P.C, inventory build.

  • I spit out my grapefruit juice as I watched Snoop's kids on CNNfn. That was AWESOME!

  • FASB is kicking around the need to expense stock options. That's a potentially "impactful" decision -- put it on your radar, Radar.

  • In a depressed tape, bad news that's not horrible is considered a positive. In an extended tape, good news that isn't great is a negative.

  • Have you taken a stroll down Main Street lately?

  • Breadth skidding a bit and is currently 2:1 negative in the NYSE.

  • The German DAX stopped rallying at our ol' friend 3000.

  • Uncle Buck is still my favorite movie of all-time.

  • If (big if) NDX 1100 doesn't hold, watch 1080 as the next congestion area.

  • Ego has no place in the trading process.

  • When you see what we're doing with the University of Minyanville, you'll start to "get" where we're going with this community. As we grow and continue to attract new citizens, more content will be rolled out with a much broader scope of interest. What am I tawkin' about? Stick around!

  • I have a lot of friends in Toronto. This SARS is no joke.

  • I was surprised at yesterday's bull/bear reading.

  • Jason at and Kevin at offer great analysis with a different bent.

  • Do you remember that guy in Crazy People who walked around saying "hello" all the time?

  • The market is very complacent.

  • My trading, while tight, continues to be from the short side.

  • I had dinner with one of the smartest people on the street a few days ago. While discussing the VIX, he made a case for removing the "tails" of the last three years and maintained that the vols are still too high. His thesis was (partially) predicated on a historical median variance within each sector. I don't agree with him -- and I say that with the utmost humility -- but I always like to see both sides of every trade.

  • Minyans are in a frenzy and want to know if Daisy sounds like Emma Crosby. Oh behave!

  • It's better to be lucky than smart.

  • It's better to be happy than wealthy.

  • It's better to be anything but a Fokker.

  • The dollar continues to slide lower and is eyeing the March lows (DXY).

  • The next time you're in a Chinese restaurant and the waiter comes over, kneel behind the table, lift your head just above it and say "Peking duck!?!"

  • If this SARS thing continues to continue, we'll look back at VIX 24 as the gift of all gifts.

  • Will the Cubs win a World Series before the Red Sox?

  • Can you imagine how small a ticket for the flea circus must be?

  • If anybody went to Wayne Hills High School, I'm looking for confirmation that A.J. Vaccarino was, in fact, an all-American QB (as he says). Personally, I believe him but Fokker thinks he's too small.

  • EVERYBODY is focused on S&P 905 and NDX 1100.

  • UMV professors will be announced May 1 and classes will start a few weeks after!

  • I used to love Abbott & Costello when I was a kid. Man, I'm really showing my age now!

  • Aside from Neil Young and a quasi Dead tour, are there ANY decent concerts this summer?

  • Has anybody actually tried Gevalia Kaffe?

  • When's the last time you treated your significant other to a romantic weekend away?
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