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Random Thoughts


You are one strange bird Toddo!


  • At your tannest, you will only become as dark as your nipples. Seriously.

  • An interesting perspective from Marc Faber.

  • SOX 500 remains resistance.

  • Note to self- eat until you're full, not until you make all gone.

  • Just because you miss the wedding doesn't mean you have to be there for the funeral. Think about that until you get it.

  • There are few things in this world that are better than Central Park on the first few warm days of Spring. Kinda makes me wanna short Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret).

  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Minyanville is available to license. If you are interested in a firm wide subscription package (or want to distribute the 'Ville's content to your customer base) please contact us for further information.

  • Watch Taser Int'l (TASR:NASD) as a speculative proxy. Talk about being blinded by the light...

  • A modern day Sisyphus would be forced to read all of his email spam.

  • Whew!

  • Bill Meehan has influenced many of the Minyanville professors with his insight, humility, wit and perspective.

  • Brian Reynolds, one of the Meehanites (I am proudly one as well) wrote one of his best columns to date this morning. I strongly urge critters of all shapes and sizes to check it out.

  • If you find yourself rationalizing or justifying your risk, it's likely not the right risk.

  • With the XAU giving a fresh DWA sell signal at 92 (if and when), I kinda wanna see how the metals act as a group. I've been patiently waiting to buy silver in the "mid sixes" but may scale in partial positions as we edge closer.

  • Why do companies insist on playing such mundane music prior to their conference calls? Just once, I'd like to be waiting for a call to start while listening to China Cat Sunflower or Cassidy.

  • I finally figured out how to feed one cat while keeping the other on a diet. I've placed Zoë's food on the counter where only she can get it. Phoebe, in all her splendor, is simply too obese to take the leap of faith.

  • How will you be remembered? Would you have any regrets?

  • Does Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) have selective memory? Why else would they forget to include shareholder's equity from yesterday's earnings report.

  • I love this weather. Daisy in a sun dress? Be still my heart...

  • Driving down to Baltimore this past weekend, I began wondering if I was just restless. Two small smiles validated my decision very quickly.

  • I miss John Candy and think about him all the time. Is that weird?

  • Motorola (MOT:NYSE) and Sanmina (SANM:NASD) highlight tonight's reports while Bank of New York (BK:NYSE), Coca Cola (KO:NYSE), Colgate (CL:NYSE), Eastman Kodak (EK:NYSE), Ford (F:NYSE), General Dynamics (GD:NYSE), Honeywell (HON:NYSE), JP Morgan (JPM:NYSE), Medimmune (MEDI:NASD), SBC Communications (SBC:NASD), United Tech (UTX:NYSE) and Wyeth (WYE:NYSE) (among others) all release tomorrow morning.

  • I'm told they're still having issues at the Hokie Pokie plot.

  • As Bill Meehan is on our minds this morning, it's only fitting that he is the subject of today's Minyan Trivia. This is a four part question so think it through before sendin' it in. 1) Before working on Wall St. what industry did Bill Meehan work in? 2) What was Bill Meehan's favorite sport? 3) What was Bill Meehan's favorite nickname for Alan Greenspan 4) What is the mascot of the college Bill Meehan attended? The first Minyan to correctly answer all four question components will win their choice of a snazzy new Minyanville tee!

  • Breadth flips negative on the big board and migrates to flattish for the four-letter freaks.

  • I can't believe the Pats signed Corey Dillon. That makes twice in the past three years that they've stolen something from my beloved Raiders.

  • There is a delicate balance between living for the day and setting growth goals, both personally and professionally. I am a better man for having to identify the distinction between the two and feel fortunate as most people will never know the difference. Remember, Minyans, the purpose of the journey is the journey itself.

  • We're looking into entering Team Minyan into a summer softball league. If there are any NYC Minyan ringers out there, make yourself known!

  • I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?

  • The S&P is sitting directly on the 50-day. The NDX failed right at 1480 (former support/current resistance). BKX 98 remains a ceiling (until overcome) and SOX 474-500 is the range. Mr. Winthorpe has set the levels.

  • Do you have Mini-Minyans at home? Be sure to check out the Minyanville schoolhouse!

  • That's some mighty fine Herb bro!

  • Feeling a little "off" yesterday?

  • Alright, I'm posting 'em. You tell five?

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