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Random Thoughts to Start the Day




  • Active Minyans, be careful not to "overtrade" today's number. Chances are it'll be thin and whippy (thwippy?) out of the gate.

  • If Fannie Mae (FNM:NYSE) was a song, it would be "Mockingbird."

  • Levels to monitor: S&P 1134 (50-day) and 1120 (nearest support), NDX 1460ish (50-day/breakdown point), Dow 10,400 (former support and current ceiling), SOX 500 (resistance), BKX 101.75 (previous top) and 100 (50-day) and Toddo 200 (a man can wish).

  • I picked UCONN, I gotta stick with UCONN...but I'll secretly be rootin' for Georgia Tech.

  • Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) just doesn't act well. Even when it rallies, it does so begrudgingly. Note this morning's news that they'll be wiring $1.6B to Sun Micro (SUNW:NASD) to resolve a dispute.

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE), on the other hand, is the definition of dry. It dries like a rug!

  • Patience takes a lot of practice.

  • The difference between intervention and manipulation is communication.

  • It's taken me a long time to realize that the goal of the journey is to enjoy the journey.

  • Frank--YEAH--lin--YEAH--Raines--YEAH--yeah--YEAH...

  • I'm still shaking my head over the selective methodology of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If this was a publicly traded company, it would have a tight borrow.

  • I think we need to have a Sydney Minyanfest. Hey Laurie, throw another shrimp on the barbie!

  • Wanna earn while ya learn? Become a Minyanville Ambassador and let's make it happen!

  • Equity funds reported net cash inflows of $2.8B for the week ended March 31st (AMG).

  • Silver. Silver. Silver. Silver. And Silver. Wow.

  • Neil Glassman, please get off the nanny.

  • Sun Microsystems (SUNW:NASD) is tossin' their cookies this morning (missing estimates) and cutting 3,300 jobs (which some folks may 'spin' positively). They also name Jonathon Schwartz president and Scott McNealy can be heard yelling "May the Schwartz be with you!" from here.

  • Gateway (GTW:NYSE) is also cutting 2500 jobs.

  • Congratulations to #11, Mark Messier on a classy career.

  • A Beeks Peek: Unemployment Rate 5.6% (excluding days ending with "Y"), Average hourly earnings .2%, Change in non-critter payrolls (exp. 120k), Change in manufacturing payrolls (exp. 5k), Average daily, er, weekly hours (exp. 33.9).

  • Prayers to Abraham Betpolice.

  • We've got less than seven hours until our requisite two day respite. Let's make 'em count, Minyans, and hit the Final Four with a Minxy score!

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