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Random Thoughts


Sectors that can't rally in green seas will lead the bleed if the tape turns.

  • I've now been engaged five full days and I've yet to eat a piece of Honeydew. Any over/under on how long that'll last?

  • We saw a gorilla scoop 50,000 QQQQ May 43 calls this morning. QQQQ 43, so ya know, is a potential triple top for the tech trek.

  • Is that the Raider Nation at the bottom of today's Five Things?

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "I keep tabs on the Dodge and Cox website and they have posted March 31 holdings. Notables include an increase in Time Warner, Comcast and NewsCorp (media names), they sold JP Morgan and added significantly to Citigroup. They kept their SunMicro position intact, so you know. I find interesting how they're accumulating old media names, they're quite large in the portfolio. Thanks, Minyan Franklin ."

    MF, Thanks for the update, as the D&C boys are pretty smart cookies. This also fits well with another smart media luminary I know!

  • While S&P 1295 is the first level of ursine lore above, BKX 106 is the mirror image of that scrimmage below.

  • I used to get excited for economic releases but I've lost faith in the BLS to accurately communicate the real deal.

  • Some anecdotal evidence of brokerage froth from Minyan Barry Ritholtz.

  • Holy Humuhumunukunukuapuaa!

  • We know from experience that sectors (stocks) that can't rally in green seas will lead the bleed if the tape turns. In that vein, the financials (ex-Mother Morgan) and homies are on Boo's 'to do' list if the FOMC minutes turn the worm.

  • Energy acts fabu anew as the drillers creep towards all-time highs (OSX 225). Active Minyans who are concerned about a crude reversal can slap on some trailing stops and remove emotion.

  • Speaking of which, if I told you that Texas Tea would be two-steppin' at $70/brl a year ago, where would you have opined equities would be?

  • Mer-MAN!

  • Boo has the ball in homie land under double secret resistance (HGX 264). Tell all our clients that Mr. Valentine has set the price.

  • Some of the wealthiest people in the world don't have two dimes to rub together.

  • No Meehan, you can't move to Texas now.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Toddo, Congrats on the engagement! Any new thoughts on SunMicro? Thanks, Minyan Tom in Chicago "

    MT--Thanks for the kind vibes, they're much appreciated. I don't have any "new" thoughts on SunMicro--I'm a long-term holder, as discussed, and see two potential flies on the horizon. The first is that McNealy is dumping stock (not something we like to see) and the second, naturally, is tape risk. Still, this remains my only tech 'core' (I prefer to trade energy and metals from the long side and tech and financials from the short side) and will follow President Fish's lead on this name. He's the media visionary among us and I'll stack my chips behind his shtick any day of the week (and twice on Sunday). Best of luck and enjoy the windy city!

  • Keep an eye on the greenback as it gropes six month lows.

  • "You can eat honeydew all you want, you just cantaloupe or her family will kill you." Minyan Woolfy

  • R.P.
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