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Random Thoughts!


Respect the price action but don't defer to it.


  • Pan, the mythological Greek nature god, had a fondness for darting out from bushes and frightening mortals. Thus the word "panic."

  • I was looking at the all-star guitar yesterday (which was signed about a year ago) and noted that Jerry Jordan wrote "S&P 1158 by March '04." Wowzers! For all you Critters Choice Fans, thanks kindly for your patience as we continue to put the pieces in place for a kick-ass event later this year. Take me at my word that it'll be worth the wait.

  • It's very "programmy" out there today, Minyans, as money continues the migration both intra- and inter-market. Energy and pharma (consumers) continue to benefit while the semis are a source of funds. The banks are bucking the recent trend and giving the newbie shorts a hug.

  • If you haven't read Tickle's educational assessment of the various sub-indices, you're missing some good insight to the current foundation of the Minx.

  • Wilma Flintstone's maiden name was Wilma Slaghoopal, and Betty Rubble's maiden name was Betty Jean McBricker.

  • I would like Minyanville to stay 'middle of the road' and assimilate geopolitical developments with regard to their financial impact. That doesn't mean we don't have leanings--it just means that the critters should stay true to their roots.

  • Fannie (FNM:NYSE) $75. Were you really that surprised? (moment of silence)

  • There are a lot of bad people in this business. That's why the good folks gotta stick together.

  • Food for thought is always nutritious.

  • Did anybody else used to have a crush on the Catwoman?

  • Inflation Debation.

  • I've never heard of ASCO before today--but I'm pretty sure you'll now be hearing a lot more about it in the future.

  • Fat guy in a little coat.

  • It takes marginal effort to be kind to someone and it makes a world of difference.

  • Check out the double dip by the Fleckmo ship!

  • Pin-up! Boo asked me to pass along the idea that expiration is holding today's tape together.

  • Minyan Mike Santoli made some salient (albeit tough) observations. Imagine MY dilemma--as a consummate zagger and Yankee fan from the Munson-Chambliss-Randolph-Dent-Nettles-Pinella-Rivers-Reggie-Guidry-Catfish-Lyle-Goose era!

  • Duuuuuude, Pass the Herb!

  • This Viagra really has some stiff competition.

  • VXO (fear index) is down 5%.

  • I don't think the downside is done...I just think it's resting.

  • Another fantastic side effect of being A.D.D is that you never have preconceived notions!

  • I've written a lot of very important things on the 'Ville over the years but I'm not sure that anything is more critical than the following thought. Heading into today's close, no matter what happens and above all else, whatever you do, please, Minyans, don't

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