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Random Thoughts


  • Injunction junction, what's your function? Workin' on ways to frustrate Softy...

  • "We are simply a video game for God." John Succo

  • Metal venting!

  • If we're to dance with whom we came with, ignoring the fugly internals would reek of rationalization. I offered this morning that the ONE element that would worry me was wire-to-wire bunk breadth and that seems to be unfolding.

  • "As an industry, many of us have been remarkably, unaccountably complacent," he said. "Certainly, I didn't do as much as I should have after all the excitement of the late 1990s. I suspect many of you in this room did the same, quietly hoping that this thing called the digital revolution would just limp along." -- Rupert Murdoch, News Corp CEO, Adweek interview April 14th, 2005.

  • Imagine Susan's surprise when she walked in to find her husband making out with a chicken.

  • Keep an eye on the piggies as Citigroup (C) gropes the 200-day
  • It's S's over N's so Hoofy is focused on the S&P strength (using 1150-60 as support) and Boo is shooting fish in the tech barrel. If we lift, the former will lead and if not, the latter will bleed. That is a two-sided proposition, I know, but that's the world we live in.

  • I still think ya wanna sell rallies but for the first time in a while, I was looking to buy dips this morning for a trade. Unfortunately, the tape didn't open as sloppy as Snapper would have liked.

  • It's been a tough week for the chips.

  • "Call it 'catching a falling knife' or 'picking a bottom' or whatever other derogatory term you wish, I like playing with the odds and right now the odds, to me, say that the risk/reward is tilted firmly to the upside, meaning that if we get any further smackage later today or Monday, I'm a buyer." -- Jason Goepfert on today's Buzz.

  • Like the Yanks and Sox need more drama?

  • The VXO opened up 8% this morning and was at its highest level since November. The fear index is now up 35% since Wednesday morning (and prolly due for a pullback).

  • Charlie seems set with his post-coital ritual.

  • As I was grabbing two cups of coffee at the corner kiosk this morning, I decided to surprise Fish with a chocolate doughnut. As I placed the order, the server gave me a confused look (I never order pastries). "It's not for me!" I quickly said, feeling like a teenager buying his first condom.

  • "The Dow hasn't seen a 10% correction in two years. Don't get caught up in the short-term noise--focus on the broader context of our field position." -- Scott Reamer

  • Folks seem to be waking up to the fact that the economy is slowing. The next revelation will be the acceptance that the traction was debt induced rather than organic growth to begin with.

  • This is the single best graphical representation of the financials that I've ever seen.

  • Ice Capades!

  • Minyans in the Mountains will be held in Santa Barbara on August 18-21st. We'll have details in the coming weeks but please make sure to circle the dates. It's gonna be a cold stone groove man!

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