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Random Thoughts


Hey Fokker, wanna borrow a feather?


  • I would put "lip smackers" up there with loud chewers on the top of the pet peeve list.

  • The volatility in world asset classes continues and if recent history is a guide, that'll continue to seep into stocks.

  • If eating was bank robbing, I'd be Bonnie AND Clyde. Somebody stop me...

  • I missed picking up some silver in January with a "six handle" ($6) but on further slippage, I plan on taking a dip. I don't offer this as advice--we don't do that here--I share it with a broader educational message: patience generally brings price.

  • BKX 98 is 'the' level to watch today.

  • Akshmi Mittal, an Indian billionaire, has reportedly bought a mansion in Kensington, London, for £70 million (approx. US$ 128.8 Million). In doing so Mr. Mittal would set a world record for house prices. Geez, I wonder how many toilets there are?

  • A trio of my friends have lost members of their immediate family recently. I don't share this to bring you down, I do so to offer perspective. It could be worse.

  • I am penning a column on the financial implications of the current political juncture. It's not an opinion piece, it's an assessment of the potential impact on the Minx. So ya know...

  • As an aside, I will offer that I was a bit surprised that the economy wasn't mentioned during last night's Dubya speech. Not a jab, just an observation.

  • Remember those Trans Am's with the big eagles on the hood?

  • Trap door? Maybe--NYSE breadth has been beaten with a fugly stick.

  • From Professor Fleckenstein this morning on the Buzz (10:36am): Metals-for those with an interest....this is the juncture I have been waiting for in gold and silver and I am taking advantage of it for part of what I had hoped to do (not advice for you to act). I don't know if it's right but I thought I would stick my neck out. They are being sold due to momentum at a moment in time when they should be acquired (again, just my view) It's amazing how often this happens in for thought for those who care. Look for further Fleck romping tonight when his Rap hits the 'Ville.

  • Everyone ping John Lennon at Cantor right NOW.

  • Snaps to Carmello and the Nuggets on making the playoffs. VERY impressive.

  • Flow's Diner and a lot of the time sensitive information is available on the Buzz. I'm not tryin' to sell ya, cookie, it's just a much better forum to share that type of subject matter. By the time we get it on News & Views, it's in the rear view.

  • Minyan Trivia: Which two actors won an Oscar for playing the same character? The first correct answer wins their choice of a spiffy new Minyanville tee to sport around the pool this summer!

  • Apple (AAPL:NASD), Advanced Micro (AMD:NYSE) and Sandisk (SNDK:NASD) highlight tonight's parade while Citigroup (C:NYSE), EMC (EMC:NYSE), Genzyme (GENZ:NASD) (am) and IBM (IBM:NYSE) (pm) are tomorrow's business.

  • If I admitted to watching Abbott and Costello as a kid, am I dating myself?

  • Be good to others and better to yourself.

  • The Raiders need a running back...but I still think Larry Fitzgerald could be Randy Moss with a better 'tude.

  • I believe that Professor McGuirk will be back in the 'Ville tomorrow.

  • What goes around, comes around.

  • Man the Nikkei trades well, eh?

  • Why hasn't there been any follow-up to the infamous 8:28 activity (prior to the payroll data)?

  • N's over S's

  • Why am I so suspect?

  • Why do fools fall in love?

  • Why ask why?

  • Why does Fokker remind me of the Indian from the Village People?

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