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Random Thoughts


Daisy always said I was too sensitive!


  • Phoebe's evil twin.

  • Breadth is still 3:1 to the bad.

  • The Bristol Hotel...Room 515.

  • I'm told that Merrill Strategist Richard Bernstein flipped and went bullish today. Right or wrong--and if done without political pressure--that's a pretty ballsy thing to do.

  • E.D? Mandy Moore!

  • Professor Succo has been on record saying that his "key" is the bond market. Ya'll see bond action lately, right?

  • There's been multiple sixes (hundreds of thousands) cheapie QQQ puts bought recently. In a vacuum, that's bullish...but when's the last time you were in a vacuum?

  • You want me to believe Omar was a stoolie because Sosa said so? You bought that line?

  • The brokers act Merrible today (thanks Dan Meehan).

  • We flagged the stocks that were too sensitive this morning and thus far, they're cryin' a red river.

  • I think I am going to boycott sushi until they rename NoBoo. We don't discriminate in the city of critters!

  • I'm watchin' Citigroup (C:NYSE) like a hawk.

  • Markets top when news is good and bottom when things are drekky.

  • There will always be a reason for the market rhyme. Our goal, in Minyanville, is to help you sort through the vernacular.

  • Hey JDog, can I say ballsy?

  • Earn while ya learn and become a Minyanville Ambassador.

  • Hammer. Jack Hammer.

  • Laurie McGuirk will be back in his Aussie saddle on Thursday. He's involved in a pretty meaty horse race--literally!

  • Talk about a pig in...ah, fuggetit. I'm already on the editorial edge.

  • We'll hear from Intel (INTC:NASD) and Linear Tech (LLTC:NASD) tonight while BankAmerica (BAC:NYSE), Delta Air (DAL:NYSE) and Harley (HDI:NYSE) (among others) will motor in tomorrow morning.

  • If I see one more day trading infomercial on television, I might toss my cookies. Seriously--it screams "This is anecdotal evidence! This is anecdotal evidence!"

  • We'd have more luck playing pick-up sticks with our butt-cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before daybreak. (Del Griffith)

  • In a surprise move, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has removed ALL components from the PPI.

  • Snoop Tone weighed in this morning. "The percentage of NDX overbought components has reached the current level (>85%) only twice since early 2001, indicating the recent advance was very broad and healthy. The prior two instances suggested a very near-term pullback followed by more significant upside. The two instances occurred in very different environments yet led to the same result."

  • I thought of this Succo article last night and wanted to share it.

  • The Minyanville Slim Fast results are officially in: Kevin Wassong gained .92% (and dragged me with him), Brodsky lost .5%, I dropped 2.8% (was 6% but I peaked too soon), Len Spivak shed 3.6%, Grandpa Neil lost 3.9% (teeth included), Collins shaved 4.02% and the winner--from an uber-low base weight of 125 lbs--was Jdog, who skimmed 4.8%. All losers--except the biggest loser--will donate $200 to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education. Noice!

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