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More Random Thoughts!


Where's the love?


  • I can see why "some" people would be offended by Howard Stern (although I am not one of them). But bootin' Victoria's Secret shows on television? Dude...

  • The first set of Randoms just didn't make my internal cut and I felt compelled to pull a groundhog.

  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that the real estate sector remains euphoric (in select areas).

  • We know that big technical levels get weaker with each retest. Still, with the stochastics as lofty as they are, the Minx will have her work cut out for her if she's to ride earnings momentum through S&P 1160.

  • Why do I get the sniffles every time I fly? (rhetorical)

  • The longer the war lingers (and the more troops we send overseas), the higher the potential for a shift in the sentiment metric. Just one observer's opinion.

  • The balance of the four primary metrics at any one time is the reason that trading is more of an art than a science. Remember, Minyans, we've got technicals, fundamentals, psychology and structural forces in play daily.

  • Great article on Carmello.

  • Beeks will swing by tomorrow with advanced retail sales (exp. .7%, ex-autos .6%), business inventories (exp. .5%) and the monthly budget statement (-$70 billion).

  • It sure was good to see Snoop Tone hangin' in the 'Ville again.

  • Liquidity (structural) fueled the rally last March. It also dampened the resolve in Red Dye Junction.

  • From Jason Goepfert on the Buzz: The last two times REITs declined 10% from a new all-time high were July 1998 and Sept 1987, preceding two rather - ahem - sudden equity market declines. The index I watch is now down 12% from a new high. From a technical perspective, I continue to be bullish on the intermediate-term, but this caught my attention when researching the recent REIT performance.

  • Stochastics can pretzel twist (as they did many times last year). Still, they're somewhat lofty heading into the meat of earnings.

  • With volatility levels as cheap as they are, I am keeping some puts on my sheets. This allows me to potentially win two ways--via direction (lower) or increased premium levels. It also enables me to operate more efficiently (with protection). Not advice (just sharing)

  • Silver edged back over $8.

  • A portion of today's rally is simply recapturing Friday's jitters.

  • Yes I think DeNiro is awesome--I just think his (more recent) choice of roles has diluted his overall screen presence.

  • Yes, S&P (not NDX). Forgive me, I'm always a bit rusty on Tuesdays. ;-)

  • A little bored with today's session? Fear not, Minyans, you'll have plenty to shake your sticks at starting tomorrow.

  • Breadth on the S&P is now (marginally) negative.

  • Joe's Stone Crabs (Miami) has to make my top ten list. So does Gibsons (in Chicago).

  • Citigroup (C:NYSE) holds steady in the face of the CALPERS diss.

  • Coming soon: "Print all" function on News & Views and an archive feature on Buzz & Banter. Ask and you shall receive.

  • There's a huge difference between having fun and being happy.

  • Enrico Pallatzo!

  • I would have thought stocks would be acting better today. Telling?

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