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Random Thoughts


The only way I'm gonna make a cameo is if the dollar firms or the bonds poop out.


  • The macro allocation rotation is driving the structural metric in a big way. Do you see that correlation this morning between the dollar, equities and bonds? Wowzers! I've got my trusty dollar chart staring me in the face as I trade equities.

  • Bulls north of 50, VIX south of 30. If you're gonna play the long side, please allow these readings to register. It doesn't mean we can't rally, mind you -- it just makes it tougher.


  • I am treating myself to a massage this weekend. First one in a while and long overdue.

  • I've made partial, disciplined put sales into this dip vs. this morning's purchases.

  • The financials, where I have a chunk of puts on, continue to outperform.

  • Please refrain from sending sexually explicit emails to Daisy. It's pissing Hoofy off in a big way.

  • Hey Casey and Charlotte-Anne, can I PLEASE announce the roster of UMV professors to our fellow Minyans? It's killing me!

  • Yes, I still think debt, derivatives and deflation will ultimately be the death knell of the stock market. How can I think deflation after this morning's number? Because by the time you see it, it'll be too late.

  • When I meet somebody for the first time and they ask me what I do, there is generally a look of udder confusion when I try to explain the critters.

  • The breadth is now 3:2 negative in the Nazz and slightly negative on the big board.

  • Microsoft (MSFT:Nasdaq) continues to trade heavy, Citigroup (C:NYSE) continues to trade firm. I continue to gain weight.

  • Were this morning's releases upside confirmation or discounted by the recent rally?

  • Nobody I speak with thinks next week's earnings will be good, their only question is how much latitude the market will give corporate America based on the free pass (Iraq). Through objective eyes, those low expectations are a concern, Boo.

  • There's chatter out there that somebody sold 7000 Dow Jones Euro stoxx futures in error (and is almost done covering the mistake). I can't confirm, but this is what I'm hearing -- and if it's true (huge if), it's providing an artificial bid to the futures.

  • The buyers are always higher and the sellers are always lower. It never ceases to amaze me.

  • Pop Quiz: What was the name of Martin's first girlfriend (you know, the one who dumped him like a bag of bricks)? The first correct Minyan to respond to wins a free Minyanville tee! And Martin -- you're not allowed to play!

  • I forgot to include my "NFL vs. the Raiders" conspiracy theory yesterday.

  • When's the last time you did something Joel?
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