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Strike Three?




The Minx springs to life (literally) and Freaky Friday in Minyanville has officially begun. THE question I'm chewing on right now is whether it's asking too much to think we'll get a third hard fade of the week.

We got one Monday -- a vicious number that caught a lot of traders looking the wrong way at the end of the day. We got one Wednesday -- an emotional exhaustion when Saddam's statue toppled. Is it realistic to think that Boo can hit for the hat trick?

Michigan came out at 83.2 (vs. exp. 79) and the futures are (thus far) frozen. While I certainly heard higher whispers, it's a solid reading and it feathers nicely into Hoofy's cap. The early tea leaves are constructive (shocker!). The macro reads are equity friendly, the financials are attempting to exert leadership, breadth is 3:1 positive and the bulls seemingly have the mojo.

Two things to keep an eye on. The semicaps are surprisingly soft and the S&P is "doing work" at it's 200-day moving average (882).

Jammin' and jugglin, friends... gotta hop.

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