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More Random Thoughts!


If you want milk, you'll have to get through me first Toddo!


  • Do you get pangs of "holy cow, they're rallying and I'm gonna miss 'em" each time the futures tick up? That's emotion, my friends, and it has no place in the trading process.

  • Imagine if LeBron went to Syracuse and Carmello stayed?

  • I met Mrs. Stanwyk (from Fletch) when I was in Los Angeles (on the way to the Superbowl). I couldn't help it. I asked her if we could buy her a drink and put it on the Underhill's tab.

  • Do people follow technicals because they work or do they work because people follow them?

  • Retail trades are surprisingly dry today. Didn't it trade dry last month when retail sales were released ,only to fall out of bed the next day?

  • S&P breadth slowly improving.

  • I can't elaborate on many of my conspiracy theories but I will say that some of them involve Princess Di, the plunge protection team (government intervention), SARS, TWA flight 800 and the role of media in American society.

  • The first upside test for this tape will occur at S&P 875 and NDX 1045.

  • Can the market rally nicely from here? Yes -- IF the news flow is quiet, IF investors want to look through, IF shorts start to scramble, IF we get some positive confirmation during earning's season or IF the economic data begins to uptick. I'm not in that camp, mind you, but you ALWAYS want to look at both sides of every trade.

  • The pattern in the S&P in the first two weeks of April looks exactly like the pattern the last two weeks of March.

  • There remains a very thin margin for error in our diplomatic efforts.

  • The macro guides -- dollar, bonds, crude, gold -- are approaching a critical juncture and the implications for equities is huge.

  • Joe Z man!

  • Any help in spreading the Minyanville word continues to be most appreciated by the critters!

  • Remember ultimate frisbee? Kick ball? Dodge ball?

  • If Daisy was human, I'd snatch her up in a heartbeat.

  • Boredom should never initiate positions.
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