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Random Thoughts


Say what?!?


  • There's a gap in the BKX sitting below at 734 (works to 724).

  • The dollar is a starting to slip -- watch this. It's my sense that this gauge will be the single best tell of our overall health in the days, months and years ahead.

  • Why is it that we're always too short (long) when the tape rallies (fails) and never short (long) enough when the tape fails (rallies)?

  • I shared my conspiracy theories with Mr. Joisy last night and I think I freaked him out a little.

  • What is it about the AFLAC commercials that make me crave Shun Lee?

  • Despite the flat NYSE breadth, downvolume is trumping upvolume 2:1

  • A great quote from my uncle Sidney: "The only problem with doing nothing all day is that you never know when you're finished."

  • Fokker is really hung over and he's slower than usual today. If he was moving any slower, he'd be going in reverse. Hey kid -- this is the big leagues and we play in pain!

  • There's chatter on the street that Rummy is eyeing Syria next.

  • Zero percent financing will come back to haunt the autos in a huge way.

  • Can you imagine how psyched the first people to discover toilet paper were?

  • I can guarantee my fellow Minyans one thing: There will be a point in the future when the stochastics are twisting along the bottom (bullish), the market is oversold (relatively) and nobody's gonna wanna buy 'em.

  • Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarp!

  • If (big if) the NDX cracks 1020, we'll have our first "lower bottom" after four lower tops. The corresponding level in the S&P is 845. As it stands, however both are clinging to "higher lows."

  • Bonnie Bernstein should have known better and I don't blame Roy Williams for verbally smacking her.

  • Did anybody see Godzilla's grand slam Tuesday night? That was awesome!

  • Brian Reynolds penned some important thoughts on Ford and GM yesterday. Worth a gander, Goose.

  • The trick is to sell (buy) enough to honor thy discipline and keep enough to honor thy thesis.

  • Watch the sneaky SOX.

  • SARS.

  • My bear leg? Function of time or function of price.

  • I'm not involved in MO... too many moving parts.

  • XBD (brokers) 200-day is 398. BKX (banks) 200-day is 744.

  • The Internet was (ironically) the most deflationary instrument ever invented as it removes pricing power from virtually every segment of the economy.

  • My niece and nephew are at that age where I can spoil 'em silly -- and I do. Am I bribing them for affection? Who cares... it feels awesome!

  • I am hearing (can't confirm) that more of those S&P collars are being put on. That creates futures for sale and may have something to do with the lethargy in the marketplace.

  • I had a spirited conversation last night with a large real estate player who tried to convince me that retail space in Manhattan is the place to be. I don't think he enjoyed my (humble) point of view.

  • Pop Quiz: What high school did Jim Brown attend and what sport (other than football) did he excel in? First correct answer to receives a free Minyanville Tee!

  • After earnings season, I'm gonna let Calgon take me away.

  • When's the last time you had a massage?

  • Are there any Minyans in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or in Montana or in Telluride, Colorado? If so, please ping me -- I gots to talk to ya.

  • Other than manicuring some risk and rolling some exposure, I haven't overtraded today.

  • Sock Statue!

  • My girlfriend from college -- circa 1989 -- emailed me yesterday after hearing of Minyanville in her gym in Boca. She opened the site, saw Boo and the cookies and asked me if it was a hang out for burned-out traders! I told her we welcome all types to our humble little town, so long as they've got positive energy.

  • Daisy got propositioned in the Four Seasons last night and Hoofy almost got thrown out defending her honor! She doesn't look like... that... does she?

  • Does it concern anybody else that there's not ONE republican guardsman in the entire city of Baghdad?

  • Futures up 100 from here. Futures down 100 from here. Factor both potential scenarios into your risk profile, assign a probability to each and allow for a margin of error.

  • I would have liked to see Emmit end his career in Silver and Black.

  • Where the hell is Beeks?

  • The very fact that there are so many optimists regarding the future of the economy (market) is inherently bearish.

  • Watch the dollar here -- slip city.

  • NAZZ breadth is now 3:2 negative

  • Hey Fokker! Relax over there. I have seen this much ball-handling since the Celtics played the Knicks!
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