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Random Thoughts




  • Analogy of a risk manager.

  • N's over S's (semis over rate-sensitive issues).

  • The bulls are making stand #1 at S&P 1218 although the internals are laughably lopsided (negative).

  • Our friends at MS Howells & Co are as good as it gets.

  • "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Albert Einstein

  • Duke & Duke, along with the rest of the brokers, report earnings next week.

  • The Texas two-step!

  • How is Meehan supposed to type without fingers?

  • The Design Review Board of Snohomish, WA rejected the mural planned for the side of the BBQ Shack restaurant because the five pink pigs depicted in the painting were naked. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

  • Fleck's MSN Rap.

  • Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm still not sure that Robert Toll did the right thing. Just as he went on television (last week) and offered that the shorts would be roasted, he dumped seven figure size of his personal holdings. The stock has barely seen an uptick since.

  • Pass the Herb! Our good friend loans his opinion on MBIA!

  • Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you can climb, but how well you bounce.

  • Friends in high places.

  • "This highlights the possibility that these were intentional manipulations of internal systems and controls and not just incompetence," said Josh Rosner, a financial services analyst with Medley Global Advisors, an independent research firm in New York, of the OFHEO investigation of Aunt Fannie (FNM).

  • What's a Ute?

  • Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski and VP Dick "Weekend at Bernie's" Cheney are slated to meet today and discuss oil and gas exploration at the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR).

  • Gates Sniffage!

  • The weekly Investors Intelligence survey finds the bullish camp at 55.7% vs. 54.7% week ago with Boo's crew at 21.6% vs. 22.1% prior.

  • After a 14 hour stint at my turret yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do was to have a social dinner at Rosa. You know what? A social dinner at Rosa was exactly what I needed after a 14 hour stint at my turret! Balance is so very important in our business and the time we need it most is typically when we want it the least.

  • Playing in the Band? I'm watching NDX 1480 (200-day) vs. 1550 (60) as the range.

  • A kick in the ass!

  • Rolls Royce, it's AWESOME baby!

  • Tape Check: I take great pride in my spoken word and am uber-conscious that I opined (last Friday) that the tape would be lower a week out. While the script has (thus far) gone according to plan (short-term top between Monday and Tuesday), today remains the key day and S&P 1218 remains the key level. As a function of the bunk bonds and bad breadth, Boo remains in the driver seat. Risks to his thesis include reverse dandruff in the semis, a textbook technical retest (if S&P 1218 holds) and continued winkage from corporate bond land.

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