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Random Thoughts


I'm diggin' this sideways action!


  • Is Chrissy gonna whack Paulie?.

  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush.

  • Hey Toddo, don't hold your breath!

  • San Dimas High School Football Rocks!

  • Our ol' pal Kevin "Pepe" Depew lobbed an email in to alert us that the previous "higher high" in the BKX was NOT confirmed by his momentum gauges. He also points out that the NYSE Bullish Percentage is at its highest level since 1982 (read: extended field position). So while folks may be pinning their hopes on a rotation trade (into the S&P), the backdrop is vastly different than it was in previous "cycling" periods. In other words, be wary of cozy hiding spots!

  • If Smuckers tries to buy Schumuckers, should we be short putz on Smuckers? -Call it the Smucker Schmucker short putz play. (from the Minyan formally known as ".")

  • Yes, we're working on a Buzz archive (and a toggle for News & Views, and a "print entire day" button, and...)

  • N's over S's (for a change).

  • The banks are (gasp) underperforming but it still feels obligatory rather than distributive.

  • Hokey Pokey!

  • Take a peek at Barry's take.

  • The energy group is also a bit laggy and, as per this morning's post, it seems like they're a crowded long.

  • What is a "Minyan Ambassador?" How can you "earn while you learn?" Minyanville is starting a free enterprise program in an effort to offset the (cough) 10% unemployment rate. Come join the Minyan family and potentially make some serious coin. I schvitz you not--if you're a motivated Minyan, this is all you!

  • If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

  • Snapper is sure trying....he's giving it his all.

  • Richard Russell --who's a very sharp cookie--opined that the recent rally in the dollar could be "the first hint of deflation". He adds: "I consider that this debt ($32 trillion of debt built into the US economy) constitutes a huge short position against the dollar." So if the economy heads south, "a desperate panic for dollars begins". I see his point--the notion of "dollar scarcity" was why I was in the deflation camp for some time--but after Elmer's giddy printing (and hints from Bernanke that it could continue when he takes the hot seat) and commodities steadily rising, I'm (humbly) in the stagflation camp. (It's a lose/lose.)

  • There's no excuse for rudeness or disrespect. Treat other people the way you'd want to be treated.

  • I turned Fleck on to Rosa Mexicano and he's officially smitten by the pommies and guac! Speaking of Senor Fleckenstein, he'll be making his weekly stomp through the 'Ville tomorrow night but if you can't wait (I never do), you can read him daily!

  • The metals are doing some creepage of their own. Gold and Silver are both up more than a percent.

  • And rates keep slippin'...and slippin....and slippin....

  • The talented Brian Reynolds will be swingin' by the 'Ville this afternoon for a quick hug.

  • In a spirited attempt to reverse the (weight gain) momentum, I hooped it up last night at Sports Club LA. I am most definitely feeling it today--oofa.

  • The cyclical index (CYC) broke the trendline that was in place from the duct-tape (March) low.

  • I wonder what DEVO is doing these days?

  • When in doubt, flatten out.

  • Sniff, sniff.

  • "Is it the hat? This hat angers a lot of people. Lemme tell you a story on the way to school." (UB)

  • I used to think I knew what love was until I spent time with my grandfather. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel his warmth and guidance from above.

  • Churning....or basing?

  • I did the midnight run again last night. Latest casualty? Frozen M&Ms.

  • Prayers to JTB and JR.
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