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Random Thoughts


I can't believe I didn't get the Birdland show.


  • I saw Daisy on the dance floor this weekend grinding with Hoofy to "Busta Moo."

  • An excellent observation from Phil Erlanger. " The absolute number of manufacturing jobs is now fewer than at any time since June of 1950 (when Neil Glassman graduated college). Back in 1953, manufacturing jobs counted for 26% of the labor force. Last week manufacturing jobs counted for only 9.77% of the labor force. "

  • I watched Lost in Translation during my Friday night face plant. Wasn't impressed.

  • For those who are interested in becoming a Minyan ambassador and earning while ya learn, we're finalizing the details on our end today. This is an excellent opportunity to join the Minyanville family and make some dough in the process. It's perfect for college students, part-timers or anyone who believes in the critter mission. Click here for more details!

  • Snoop Tone lobbed the following observation into the 'Ville--"Since inception, whenever the S&P 500 (SPX) has a negative period, which is followed by an up year, the second year after a negative period has never been negative. The average gain of the second year of recovery was 13%, with a worst case gain of 4.4% in 1992 and best case gain of just over 20% in 1996. A negative period is defined as either a single down year or multiple down years."

  • I would qualify the above observation with my own--we're coming out of the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world. As such, historic relevance may not be applicable. Just thinkin' aloud, Tone, but always wanna hear/see what you're thinking.

  • I had the opportunity to dine with Sting on Saturday night after his show. I was a big fan before, I'm a bigger fan now.

  • Are you overtrading?

  • Big win for the 'Cuse yesterday and it's the right time of the year to hit a stride. March Madness!

  • Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE) paints the tape tonight with their mid-quarter update.

  • Out of sight, out of PPI?

  • Remember the final Gladiator fight scene when Commodus sabotaged Maximus by stabbing him under his armor? That's kinda how Boo feels these days--he wants a fair fight to show his true grit but the electoral agenda (and phantom PPI) is skewing the minxy coliseum in Hoofy's favor.

  • The S&P (and BKX) intermediate term stochastics that I follow have edged into overbought territory. The other main mainstay averages (DJIA, NDX) are entirely more neutral (as you might expect). The BTK (biotechs) are about to issue a lofty cross (negative).

  • Shhh! I can't hear you with the low volume today.

  • I've got the pennant chase unfolding on two of my Bloomberg screens. Hoofy's wearing an "S" on his shirt while Boo is sportin' a big "N" under his dye.

  • I thought the season premiere of the Soprano's was killer.

  • There is something cookin' in the 'Ville--something that (potentially) will shock ye faithful (in a good way). Stay tuned.

  • The retail space continues to trade somewhat soft (relative to its recent action), energy is firm once more (although a negative divergence is forming in the OIH), the semis are workin' for a living at SOX 500 (495 is ripcord), internets trade better and the macro asset classes are now drifty.

  • If In-N-Out burger opened a NYC franchise, I would have to get a larger apartment.

  • Looking at the charts on the top 10% weighting of the NDX, eight out of ten are below the 20 and 50-day moving average while five of the ten are below the 200-day moving average as well. Thanks Sean "I used to be a Bronco fan but now I'm an Avs Guy" Mueller.

  • I can't believe that the QQV is gonna be a teenager again. Wowzers.

  • Quiet is as quiet does, Forrest, as it's uber-slow out there today. Still, it sure does feel like something is gonna happen sooner rather than later---the flags are running out of room.

  • I'm hearing (can't confirm) that Sam the Butcher and Alice used to live an alternative lifestyle.

  • I gotsa sashimi style lunch meeting around 1pm--just an fyi.

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