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Random Thoughts


Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!


  • For purposes of our discussion, I don't believe the issue is whether or not Iraq disarmed--they didn't. I believe THE issue (for the markets) is whether the U.S and U.N can get on the same page.

  • Watch the dollar very carefully--if it begins to pick up steam on the sell side, equities will likely follow.

  • I cannot believe how my responses I got to the Walker: Texas Ranger question yesterday. I didn't know that it was actually a show--I just thought it was a series of commercials!

  • S&P 806-810 is important as they represent the intraday low of both today and February 13th.

  • The breadth is still negative.

  • The semis continue to act heavy and if the market slips, they'll likely underperform. In the interest of full disclosure, I unwound my position into this morning's weakness.

  • In an attempt to maintain balance, I forced myself to take a break and have dinner with some old friends last night. As I passed the Empire State Building on the way home, I found myself staring at the landmark and appreciating it's beauty. I've learned to appreciate the simple things about NYC.

  • The brokers, as a group, have a bid (thus far) today. XBD 360 (broker index) is analogous to BKX 700. FYI.

  • For purposes of my metaphorical imagery, it's been a long time since I've been naked. Do I think that a "good" bottom has been put in? No...but I respect the vicious crosscurrents and am alright with my bare bear.

  • Warning Scott Sklar: The keyboard is mightier than the sword. Keep calling me bagel boy--I dare you!

  • Blix saying inspectors need "weeks." From listening to Duyba last night, it doesn't seem like that's an option.

  • Somebody just bought 30,000 QQQ March 25 calls. Hope springs eternal.

  • If you make a conscious decision to do less, you can't look back and wish you did more.

  • Kimbily Dispigna's swinging by for some (back-to-back) Sushi. Hey Fokker--sanitize the office. Chop chop!

  • Keaton once said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze.

  • March Madness Minyanfest in NYC on the 23rd! Please RSVP to Wasabi!

  • Hey cousin Richard--was Intel the beginning of the reversion trade of S's over N's?

  • These are, by far, the trippiest trading sessions I've ever seen.

  • Carmelo Anthony baby! Go 'Cuse!

  • I'm officially fried and looking forward to the Friday night faceplant.
  • Gold AND the dollar getting hit...hmm.

  • Take the time to really enjoy your weekend--you've surely earned it.

  • A macro walked into the S&P futures pit and bought a couple hundred contracts--and the market popped three points. It's THAT thin.
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