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Random Thoughts


This is starting to piss me off!


  • The market acts well--but the breadth is absolutely horrid. I can't endorse Snapper with 2:1 losers/winners. That doesn't mean we won't rally--but I am not playing it that way.

  • Somebody walked into the pits and bought 10,000 FNM puts outright. I'm trading around a short in the name but I'm wondering if that's a bullish development.

  • In honor of his birthday, I must officially recommend the David Gilmour Live DVD.

  • I am slipping another leg into my bear costume (makes two appendages, or 50% conviction on the short side) and will operate with an S&P 840 stop (would break the pennant).

  • Bonds getting waxed and that's likely giving a bid to equities.

  • I am officially on Zoë's shvitz list.

  • How many of you actually cleaned your belly button last night?

  • Fokker left the leather at home today--something about the rain.

  • How many times can Intel say that the recovery is two quarters out?

  • Clinton is giving the Syracuse University commencement speech. Toga party!

  • The 1.10 level in the euro/dollar is proving to be an inflection point.

  • We're creating life size Hoofy and Boo costumes--and we might challenge the CRUNCH critters to a tag team wrestling match.

  • Robert Hunter live March 18th. Very psyched!

  • The Amsterdam Market is in a free fall. No brownies for you!

  • San Dimas High School Football Rocks! (That was for you Jon Succo)

  • The most bullish thing in my mind remains the fact that the short side seems so obvious.

  • I think of my social life ten years ago and I wonder how I had the energy.

  • Did anybody ever watch Walker:Texas Ranger?

  • I'm watching the financials like a hawk.

  • Do you think the retailers were heavily shorted into this morning's numbers? Ya think?

  • Are you gonna look back at this period and say "Argh! It was so obvious!" no matter what happens?

  • Why is it that I finally have committed to the gym and both my knees are now falling apart?

  • Rosa Mexicana. Pomegranate Margaritas. Enough said.

  • To reiterate, I do not believe that tech will lead the market when it finally does turn.

  • If wishes were knishes, I'd be 20 pounds heavier.

  • The deep breath index is redlining.

  • I ran three NYC marathons--I should stop wondering why my knees are shot.

  • Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
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