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Random Thoughts to Start the Day!


Here comes Beeks!!!!!


  • Why don't cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny!

  • Talk about borrowed time!

  • The Intel (INTC:NASD) mid-quarter update was clearly anticlimactic and a marginal negative vs. expectations. The question now becomes one of perception--is this the "big bad event" investors were waiting to pass (the "inventory build" story has been around for two months) or is the "hint" of softness in corporate demand a clear sign that the stock (sector, market) got ahead of itself?

  • There are two pennant races right now--the rising flag in the S&P and the descending flag in the NDX. Those jibe nicely with the multitude of technical inflection points in the sub-indices.

  • Take the pen!

  • Remember, Minyans, the goal when trading is to line up as many ducks as possible. The higher the quack count, the higher probability that you'll be successful. Today's fowl balls (in the air) include breadth, financials, semis (Intel) and, obviously, the technicals.

  • The higher you are, the farther you fall. And in this case, I'm not particularly talking about the market.

  • Is anybody following this SCO Group (SCOX:NASD)/Microsoft (MSFT:NASD) saga?

  • Brodsky forwarded me this article and said that I'd like it. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but he's earned Random status on his suggestions.

  • Oh where, oh where did my PPI go, oh where, oh where can it be?

  • Buckle up for some serious smear campaigns--this election is gonna get nasty.

  • Lamb chops as a pet name. Priceless.

  • Over a gaggle with Collins and some of his Bah-ston buddies last night, he said "Yeah, I woulda thought the hazing woulda been a lot worse." Game on.

  • Don't believe everything you hear, see or read.

  • Will we break out? We certainly "could"--corporate bonds remain relatively tight, the electoral (and Fed) agendas are in full force, we've repeatedly tested S&P 1160 (absorbing supply) and momentum, almost by definition, builds until it bursts. Play anyway you want, my friends, but remain disciplined. With sentiment as it is, trap doors abound.

  • The end of the Stanford hoops game got me jazzed for March madness.

  • Do you think the FCC minds the term "butterscotch thongs?"

  • The DXY (dollar index) runs into lotsa resistance at 91.5-92.

  • Will crude "matter" under $40? Only if you're driving.

  • Who does Collins look like? Lt. Col. Matthew Markinson.

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