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Random Thoughts


Maybe I can sneak up and surprise some folks!


  • The next time somebody asks you if you like lamb chops, say "As a pet name?"

  • The Beek freak, just so you have it, is as follows: 8:30am-unemployment rate (exp. 5.6%), change in non-critter payrolls (exp. 130k), change in manufacturing payrolls (exp. -2k) and average weekly hourly hours (exp. 22.8). 3pm- consumer credit (exp. $5B).

  • The dandruff alert for the SOX is still very much intact.

  • Phoebe and Zoe snuck out last night and Celebrities Unsensored caught them on tape.

  • The brokerage sector (and the sticky financials in general) remain a bullish input.

  • Only one negative of the warmer weather - Fokker breaks out the spandex

  • Given his experience in Fantasyland, I think Elmer would have been a candidate to succeed Eisner at Disney (DIS:NYSE)

  • A little voice inside my head said don't look back you can never look back.

  • Don't see it? Don't force it!

  • I don't know if Boo will have the moxie to put down a fourth attempt at S&P 1160.

  • The metals are getting jiggy as the dollar index turns red. The German DAX is leading the overseas charge and Deutsche is leading the DAX charge. That's contributing to the Euro charge and it's prompted me to charge some sushi to my Amex. Why not--there's never a bad time for some fish on our time.

  • Critter abuse!

  • I can't believe Spicoli won an Oscar.

  • The market "feels" ok but breadth isn't offerin' a whole heckuva lotta confirmation.

  • I had a schnitzel with Mark Howells of MSHowells & Co. a few days ago. I'll tell ya, he's a good man and he's built a quality team around him. Kudos.

  • Ten days till March Madness!!! The best sporting event in the world, imho.

  • If the S&P continues to edge sideways (in a range of S&P 1145-55), it'll set up some reverse dandruff.

  • Along those lines, lemme say this and say it loud: SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY IS THE NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPION! (I can say it for only so many days).

  • Intel (INTC:NASD) expectations for tonight's mid-quarter update: Revs in a range of $8B-$8.4B, gross margins +/-62%, EPS .28/.29.

  • Expresso has the least amount of caffine of all the roasts.

  • This weekend I think I will go to a bar and say "I'll have a Fokker Collins"

  • Raoul's, Rosa Mexicano (east side), Union Square Cafe, Serendipity and (tie) Gotham Bar & Grill/ Shun Lee are my top five NYC restaurants.

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