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Steeling Second


Steel your face right off your head!


"My two favorite football teams are the Oakland Raiders and anybody playing the Denver Broncos" -Todd Harrison, Minyan

In honor of the phantom PPI, I wanted to share this email from Super Minyan Sean "I don't care what you say, the Clinton Portis trade was good for my (cough) Broncos" Mueller. Despite his disgusting taste in football teams, he's a sharp cookie (and the winner of the Critter's Choice Award charity auction) so I wanted to put it out there.


A client that sells steel and aluminum just left my office. He told me that the price of steel has DOUBLED since Thanksgiving. He said if there isn't a decline in steel scrap leaving the country, we will see inflation go thru the roof at the rate of 1% each month starting in about three months!

So you know, he called the semiconductor (aluminum sales) 6 months before the high. In other words, he said it was gonna peak in six months and it did.

It now makes sense why the Chinese keep buying our bonds even though they barely are getting interest. It's because the buying keeps the rates low which keeps the dollar weak which helps them buy the steel.

This would all be hilarious if our country wasn't in the dark about it.

Sean Mueller

Obviously--and as evident by our polar opposite tastes in football teams--his views don't reflect Minyanville's or are in any way intended as advice. Still, I thought it was one of the more interesting notes I've gotten and wanted to share it with ye faithful.


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