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Random Thoughts


Hey Hoofy--why the long face?


  • Pull up a six month chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and draw a trendline from the October lows through the duct tape (February 13) lows. We broke that support today.

  • The breadth has been drekky all day.

  • The "fear of missing" applies to the downside too--don't let it influence your trading decisions.

  • Fiyo on the Bayou!

  • The most bullish thing in my universe is that the short trade is so obvious.

  • "Go." is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

  • I swung by the Garden Friday for Patrick Ewing's big night and I wanted to officially congratulate him. If Starks didn't stink up the joint against Houston, you'd have your ring, big man.

  • Elmer walked a very fine line with his commentary this morning. Just one question--by the time he does see a surplus of housing, isn't it already too late?

  • Skibaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas!

  • If Tony Dwyer was cast in Grease, he'd be Kenickie.

  • Yes--I admit it...I had a crush on Olivia Newton John when she walked into the carnival and said "Tell me about it, stud."

  • I've seen multiple thousand lot calls of calls bought in Intel the last few sessions. What happens if they don't chop off the lower end of their guidance?

  • March Madness Minyanfest on the 23rd in NYC?

  • For the S&P, I'm using a 14-day chart today and have a line drawn from the Feb 13 low through the Feb 25 low. Past support (S&P 830) should act as near term resistance.

  • What is a camel's hair brush made out of? First correct answer sent to gets a free Minyanville tee!

  • The Nazz DOES trade rather dry.

  • This afternoon at Morgan's semifest: MXIM, IFX, AAPL, LSI, EFII, AMCC, NTAP (among others). Earnings after the close: AZO, FNSR, HOTT, KSS

  • I think I'm gonna do a lecture at Syracuse University--I wonder if Jon Shahin still runs Harry's?

  • The Nikkei closed before the Philippine bombings occurred--watch that quadruple bottom around 8350ish.

  • My first job real job was flipping bagels in Great Neck, NY. I was 13.

  • The cyclicals act funky--GM, CAT, DE...

  • When's the last time you had NOTHING on your mind?

  • The German DAX counter trend rally (a few days ago) stopped right at resistance (former support).
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