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Freaky Friday Random Thoughts


Are you in a position to sell up and buy down?

  • Today's early Debbie Downers? Metals (XAU-2%) and Energy (OSX -2.5%).

  • "May silver is down 3.5 cents at $11.62 an ounce following a close at a 22-year high of $11.66 in the previous session. MV Prof. Kevin Depew noted a Point & Figure price objective of 11.50 was reached yesterday and that front month silver is recording DeMark sell signals this morning." Pepe Depew on today's Buzz.

  • Mini-Minyan Mailbag: "Good morning Toddo, After reading you for years, I've realized that rather than accomplishing more monetarily I want to be the father or grandfather that is remembered the way you guys remember yours. It's all about perspective--my son's more than mine. Minyan John from Canada"

  • The dollar (DXY +25 bips) is tetherballin' at the 200-day again.

  • For all you energy mavens who miss Neal Dingmann, miss him no mas. He'll be back in the fold in short order and will once again be offering his excellent acumen at Minyans in the Mountains III.

  • Gee Eee....we bring good resistance to life! Watch $35, cookie, as it's a pretty meaty level.

  • Television's JeffMacke might swing by MVHQ today in front of the premiere of his Fast Money segment tonight on CNBC at 7:00 PM EST. That is, only if his day of beauty at Elizabeth Arden can be expedited!

  • I was very lucky when I punted the balance of my metals into the January 30th top (after a 65% run from Ojai and before the 22% pullback to the March 10 low, when I began buying for a trade). Do I think yesterday's punt was another serendipitous sale? I know enough to know that nobody is smarter than the Minx so I won't even go there--particularly since I plan to buy them back!

  • Carbonation. Urination. What's the difference?

  • We saw a multi-strategy hedge fund buy 1,000,000 SPY in the hour before the market opened. Fronting perceived quarter-end mark-ups? If he is, he's a braver man than I--particularly with a spate of supply set to sell into the close.

  • Minyan March Madness Brackets will continue this weekend. Good luck to Minyan John Barranco and the rest of the worthy hoops fans. And thank you to the "non-winners" who continue to support the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

  • BankAmerica is raising its SunMicro price target (no upgrade) but, remember, most of the sell-side is either negative or neutral. They'll likely pile the morning after SunW actually announces something, thereby "gaining" the performance in their analyst math. And yes, that's one rule that is on borrowed time.

  • Is there truth to the rumor that Peter Boyle is gonna replace John Snow?

  • Nazz breadth? Balanced like some plain vanilla yoga.

  • Are you in a position to sell up and buy down?

  • Are you gaming invisible catalysts like quarter-end gamesmanship or S&P rebalancings?

  • Do I think that SunMicro goes higher? Yeah, I do--maybe a double from here. Do I think I can buy it lower first? Yes, which is why I'm exhibiting patience and watching that gap (to $5).

  • Macke, Succo and I had a heckuva fine Succofest last night but it's increasingly clear that John has a lot of pent up rage regarding his Ojai softball spankin'.

  • Ultra Petroleum (UPL) is a name that I've added to my energy watch list.

  • I still haven't found out who has the patent on patent leather.

  • Pharma continues to do work at DRG 330 while Pfizer tickles our aforementioned level.

  • Please read my best friend's tribute from this morning. It's the most important 'thing' on the 'Ville today.

  • Yo Homie! Watch HGX 263 as double secret support!

  • $1000 bucks to the RP Foundation (on me) if Macke wears a green velour jumpsuit for his big premiere tonight!

  • And $1000 to Pledge Spider if he waxes one of his arms.

  • Thy metals giveth (+3% yesterday) and thy metals taketh away (-2% today).

  • If you missed the Newmont Peru story on yesterday's "5 Things," please be sure to give it a noodle.

  • George Mason is only getting 6 1/2 points? They're beggin' ya to take the Colonials.... and I think I will. That said, I think Big Baby is gonna have a big weekend as and the Bayou Bengals take this year's crown.

  • Fare ye well into the weekend, Minyans, and keep your eyes peeled into today's close. There are a lot of mechanical (invisible) influences today and we wanna enter our two-day respite with our focus on the hardwood!

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