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Random Thoughts


Toddo's missing another breakfast with Beeks?

  • "Those of the opinion that money will do everything may very well be suspected to do everything for money" -Sir George Savile

  • Mahathir Fokker?

  • Was Goldman's super-sized crude call "manipulative" (into quarter end)? That's a strong word. I would prefer... serendipitous.

  • Gold is retesting the 50-day (and breakdown level) at $428 while Silver continues to build on yesterday's snazzy showing.

  • "Todd's piece on Morgan Stanley this morning was excellent. Before Dean Witter, Morgan was truly a great firm. The firm was built through the talent of Mr. Richard Fischer and Mr. Parker Gilbert. They saw the "internationalization" of security trading before anyone else. They hired the most talented people to execute their plans. Then somehow Morgan fell under the spell of "retail" flows as a mainstay business. Their mistake was letting that culture, one of mis-management, take over the entire firm. Morgan wasn't broke and they shouldn't have "fixed" it. But this happens to so many firms and they either "sell" out or slowly become bureaucratic." John Succo on today's Buzz

  • Pooh Bah!

  • Again, there is a difference between legitimate growth and debt-induced demand.

  • Our goal in Minyanville is to provoke thought. It seems to me that Laurie did just that.

  • It's all relative!

  • What will it take to get me big-picture bullish? Time, price and lots of both.

  • Levels to monitor remain S&P 1180, NDX 1482 (there now), XBD 144 (same), SOX 420 and HGX 480.

  • Gold Rush?

  • I will be traveling tomorrow and will leave the 'Ville in the capable hands of my fellow professors. Thanks kindly for understanding.

  • Poor Petie!

  • "Minyanfest" got a raw deal.

  • I opined last week that my best guess on the tape was a retest of S&P 1200 and, if it came to be, I wanted to sniff the tenor (as in tone-not Pavarotti). That remains my humble vibe as we edge through the last day of March and get ready for Breakfast with Beeks.

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