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Random Thoughts


What are the chances that the sideways slither continues?


  • Is there actually a short end of the stick?

  • Why is a service based economy more vulnerable than a manufacturing based economy? Perception vs. tangible goods. Think of it as an internet (subjective) valuation vs. a stock with a book value. A'right?

  • Apple juice gets a raw deal. O.J gets all the press.

  • If somebody is gonna testify, shouldn't it be a given that (s)he is telling the truth (regardless if they're under oath)?

  • Coffee was first known as Arabian wine in Europe.

  • After NY crude started its day up 2%, crude prices slipped off the proverbial cliff following the API/DOE inventory release. Crude-Oil inventories showed a rise of 8.4 million barrels from last week and as the Saudis put it yesterday, a glut of supply is in the market place. WTI spot crude was off over 1% following the report.

  • Don't discount the impact of Qlogic (QLGC:NASD)--down over 20%--as it's a momentum darlin'.

  • SOES ahead!

  • Why would I reference another site? Simple--because the mission of Minyanville is to add value to your process. That's why I mentioned StreetAccount for active Minyans yesterday on the Buzz. It's good stuff and it's run by good folks.

  • The semicaps got a bit sticky (traction). Keep half an eye on them.

  • Hey Boo, look on the bright side. If Elmer keeps flushing the world with liquidity, a Minyanville IPO is almost a lock.

  • Churning...or basing?

  • Why is "Corky" resonating as a Collins nickname?

  • Big reversal in the energy patch (lower).

  • Franklin prolly think this song is about you, Franklin Raines ...You prolly think this song is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you?

  • As Ruby always said, "what goes around, comes around." Ain't that the truth.

  • Friday is Hawaiian shirt day so anyone who has one can wear it to work. If you do, however, you gotta hoist a Bud in memory of Bill Meehan.

  • Minyan trivia: What was the first sport to be filmed (and when?) The first right answer wins their choice of a kick-ass Minyanville tee!

  • We saw some size QQQ selling around 11:20am (with very little impact).

  • Eli Lilly (LLY:NYSE) is trying to jump start the drugs. Note 200-day resistance rests above at DRG 324.

  • "Life is a journey. We all start out thinking it is all about the world. Some of us eventually learn that there is a whole world behind what we see and hear." -John Succo

  • Europe is now decidedly mixed. How is anything decidedly mixed?

  • Let's hear it for my band, Sexual Chocolate!

  • April 10th is the official weigh in on the Minyanville bet. I'm doin' alright but Corky had a virtual chin monopoly to start the contest.

  • Brian Reynolds continues to offer spot on educational analysis.

  • R.P

  • Will Jorge Posada be the best Yankee catcher in history by the time he's done?

  • The underlying bid continues to buoy equities despite the macro influences. A telling sign of strength or a chance to hit the eject button?

  • Do what you love. The money will come.

  • "Czar" is a funny word. So is "flabbergasted."

  • Yesterday, in the middle of the trading day, a warning popped on my computer that someone else logged onto my IM using my screen name! I changed my password and spent the rest of the session wondering how someone snaked my login. When I got home, Phoebe was sitting on my keyboard and had sent out a bunch of IM's. The messages were gibberish but if I know her, it was cat code for "foooooood!"

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