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The Minyan Language


May peace be with you!


Editors Note: The following email is being shared with benevolent intentions by our new president, Kevin Wassong.


I've only been a subscriber for a few weeks but really enjoy the show! Now, if I could just understand what the heck they're talking about!

My hope, as you become more involved as Prez, is that you can help us mere mortals understand the language in the 'Ville.

As an example:

  • Does this slippage alleviate some of the bull trappage?

  • Is the reverse dandruff in the semis valid above Dean Wormer (double secret) support (SOX 420ish)?

  • Do you think Kevin will be upset that he's on a diet and we ordered him a bacon double cheeseburger with extra fries?

  • When will input prices (CRB) crunch profit margins?

  • Are YOU gonna join us for MiM2:Return to the Butte?

  • What comes first: VXO 20 or single digit vols?

  • Does the market trade well given the commodity spike? And what happens when they retrace?

I understand the cheeseburger stuff as I'm trying to lose weight myself...

The other stuff takes some translation and I have to take time to peruse the mortal dictionary. Obviously, an involved process with the streaming Buzz and Banter flashing away at the bottom of my screen...

Maybe I'm too much of a neophyte to be involved with such a technical site but I'm willing to give it the college try... although at my age, college is an eternity ago!

Anyway, I need to get back to work (I do have a day job), but I just wanted to welcome you aboard and I look forward to your imprint on what is already an informative site.

Minyan Chuck


Kevin forwarded me your email and I wanted to respond as I'm sure you're not the only Minyan having trouble following the lingo! I will admit that my vernacular is often opaque--particularly on the Buzz. I write (and trade) in a zone that can only be described as a stream of consciousness. Heck, sometimes I forget that other Minyans are actually reading the content!

Minyanville is best viewed as a movie rather than a snapshot. The professors each have a particular style and expertise but we all share the common thread of integrity and honesty (you have my word on that). Hopefully, in time, the scribin' vibe will resonate and you'll slip into the zone. In the meantime, please feel free to reference the MV dictionary if there are words that don't jibe. And if you have any questions, feel free to ping us directly--it's all good!

Have a peaceful night.


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