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Random Thoughts


I'm still pissed about the branding comment!


  • Are Koy fish shy?

  • Is Snapper lurking? The banks say it's possible, the breadth says it's not probable.

  • Euro Tech Holdings (CLWT:NASD) is the latest poster child for speculative excess.

  • We've now made a third "lower high" in the Nazz. Dat not good.

  • When and if we test S&P 1160 again, I think the bears will have a hard time winning their fourth game in a row.

  • Minyanville on the tape!

  • Roy Disney says that animation is "the engine that drives the train." Noice.

  • Where the hell is Beeks?

  • The average mind thinks 60,000 thoughts per day. 40,000 of them are recurring. If you factor in how much time you spend planning and thinking about what you need to do, how much time is actually left to enjoy the here and now?

  • Boo, despite his training in Central Park, will have a tough go of it as long as the financials are sticky. Watch Citigroup (C:NYSE) as a proxy in that complex.

  • Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey? That's music to my Silver and Black ears! Horrible trade for the Donkeys!

  • Fannie (FNM:NYSE) back in the "five handle" ($75). Like a magnet.

  • "The rigidity of the financial system can create detrimental consequences when imbalances are forced to resolve themselves through a bottleneck process. Yet these rigidities are rarely the "cause" of the calamity, as they are more the boundaries by which imbalances are forced to abide by once they reach critical mass" -Jeff DeGraff.

  • "All I asked for were some friggin' sharks with some la-zer beams on their heads. Throw me a bone here--I'm the boss...I need the in-fo."

  • The homies are slippy--remember, HGX $375 is the acne zone (where they broke out from and where they 'should' hold).

  • March Madness Minyanfest!

  • Europe hangs tough.

  • Gold down another finski as the greenback legs higher.

  • We understand that some of the bulge bracket brokers have firewalls that are blocking the Buzz alerts--if this is the case in your shop, please forward contact information for the head of your I.T department and we'll get on the horn.

  • Are clams really that happy?

  • If you've got "issues" that are clouding your judgment either A) flatten your risk till you figure it out or B) put 'em out of your head till the closing bell.

  • Is Cisco (CSCO:NASD) a teenager in waiting? I think that it's ultimately a hat size (this you know) but nothing trades in a straight line (and this is simply my opinion and not advice).

  • I had a long talk with the Margarita mama last night and she's doing phenomenal. There is, without question, nothing better than grandparents.

  • I spoke to our good friend Kevin "Pepe" Depew earlier. His take is as follows: Nasdaq bullish percent is now officially on DEFENSE (as of Friday). NYSE remains on offense for now - pretty obvious given rotation out of perceived high-risk stocks to low-risk stocks, i.e. foods/bevs, but risk level is very, very high. Interesting that similar rotation began in March 2000 just ahead of Nasdaq unwinding, but looking at our risk indicators such "defensive" activity will likely prove futile this time. (In March 2000, for example, NYSE bullish percent was at 40%, not 86% as it is now!) This one will be tragic, I'm afraid. Meanwhile, the dollar has bottomed temporarily & gold vulnerable now (down to at least 360). Dollar counter-trend rally now should carry initially to 91-92; possibly the mid 90's by late spring, summer. That doesn't change structural trend with regard to dollar/gold but short-to-intermediate has now reversed.

  • I sent the new professors some of our awesome Minyanville cookies and I haven't heard from them since.

  • Anybody can be your friend when things are good. You find out who your friends are when things aren't.

  • Earn while ya learn!

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