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Perspective Check


May peace be with you.


We often discuss how Minyanville is more than a financial community--it's a family comprised of people with real feelings that have a life outside the flickering ticks. These aren't just words--they're very real. And we're reminded of it all too often.

In the middle of my afternoon post, I received a phone call from a good friend on the left coast. Her mother has pancreatic cancer and, well, let's just say that they're appreciating each day. Anyone who has lost someone close to them can empathize with the intense pain of saying goodbye. When I got the call, scribing my market vibe was placed on the back burner and my attention turned to being a true friend.

I shared some lessons that I learned when I said goodbye to Ruby. That she shouldn't focus on what will be--she should be mindful of each minute of every day and make them count. Above all else, there will never be a goodbye--her mom will live through her and throughout her. That is her mom's gift to my friend and that will forever be my friend's testament to her mother.

Why do I share this story? It's been a rough quarter for alotta folks in the market and tensions are frayed. If we take anything away from today, however, it should be the difference between loss and loss. It often takes something bad to make us realize how lucky we truly are. If we can remember that lesson in times of stress, today will be a profitable experience for one and all.

Have a peaceful night.


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