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Random Thoughts


All right Snapper, I'll admit I'm scared -- but the breadth ain't supporting the upsde yet!


  • Aside from furiously scanning the financials, I'm also using the Internet names as a trading tell today.

  • Fokker is getting fan mail. I see it...but I still can't believe it.

  • The S&P is straddling the opening gap (fillage) higher and the 860 weeklong support breakage (lower).

  • A lot of people are chatting up the head and shoulders on the 10-day charts. So you know.

  • What the heck is the difference between jelly, jam and preserves?

  • The day before the tournament, I filled out my NCAA brackets in 3 minutes while getting my noggin' squeezed by Hoofy & Co. My final four was/is Syracuse, Arizona, UCONN and Kentucky with the Orange beating Kentucky in the finals. Pipe dream, I know, but puttin' it out there.

  • During that little pop attempt, the internals never improved.

  • When is the last time you had a Nathan's Frank?

  • Why do I think the financial system is a long-term short? In a word: Derivatives.

  • You think equities are whippy? Try trading crude!

  • A weekend with my brother in Baltimore. Trees. Birds. No sirens. Loving kids. Sleeping late. March Madness. Wow, that's just what the doctor ordered!

  • The trifecta of semis/financials/breadth is pretty powerful. Watch any/all of these guys for signs of snappage/slippage.

  • Phoebe's new nickname is lawnmower. Her purring is waking up the neighbors.

  • How important is this zone? It's the difference between a healthy pullback and a nasty reversal.

  • Minyanville is a labor of love but make no mistake -- it's a labor! However, everyone involved believes in the greater good -- education, philanthropy and support -- and we're committed to the cause. Please help us out by spreading the word. The critters would be very thankful!

  • The VIX is (gasp) green - -and it's pixels away from a stochastic buy signal (potentially negative).

  • There are two very vocal camps with regard to this war. For my part, I am certain of two things: I support the proactive rooting out of terror before they can again strike and I want very much for our soldiers to return home to their families. With that said, I am admittedly torn as I watch the daily events unfold.

  • March Madness Maryland Minyanfest is officially ON for Saturday. Padonia Station is located in the Padonia Village Shopping Center at York and Padonia Roads in Timonium, Maryland. Phone: 410-252-8181. We're still tinkering with the time (Adam, wife -- check in aisle 3!) so we'll letcha know!

  • This S&P 860 level is the very definition of a battleground. The winner likely has the edge into quarter end.

  • I have a midtown meeting tomorrow morning and will likely be leaving a bit before the bell. As such, the postings will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Spinal Tap!

  • Fokker just asked me what the vacation schedule is. I told him it starts right now and lasts forever!

  • What have I done today? A little less... but I have made disciplined sales on some May puts and have left a bunch on. If you (hypothetically) buy 1000 puts at .75 and sell 500 at $1.50, you get a free look to the downside.

  • Setting stops removes emotion.

  • Hey John Succo -- Wasabi!

  • In this thin Lizzie tape, you can't take your eye off your risk!

  • When's the last time you listened to John Lee Hooker? Ray Charles? Stevie Wonder? B.B King?

  • It's a lot easier to gain weight than lose weight and much easier to lose money than make money. Wouldn't it be great if it was the other way around?
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