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Random Thoughts


What trade would flummox the most people into quarter end?


  • While my trading bones are "flashing red," I remain open-minded that there's one more thrust higher (first). That's why I've only put on partial positions and, when applicable, will trade against them (intraday).

  • How the heck did the six Brady kids share one bathroom?

  • Let's take a step back: Is putting 250,000 American troops in the heart of the Middle East really a good idea?

  • The Radiator's should get more "play."

  • There are many ways to skin a Minx -- you can try and capture every schnitzel or you can count to 100 (backwards and by primes) and short (or buy). It's a function of your preferred style and methodology.

  • I am banning chocolate from my house -- the sleep-eating is getting out of control.

  • Hiking is a fantastic form of exercise -- it's very grounding.

  • Spring is in the air and a little birdie is telling me to enjoy the show in Minyanville while it's still there.

  • The breadth isn't confirming the upside (yet).

  • Four people walked into my office yesterday and the first thing out of each of their mouth was "Man, you look exhausted!" Ya think?

  • I'm surprised nose hair clippers aren't more mainstream.

  • Hoofy keeps whispering to Daisy that this recent "sideways" action is a healthy digestion of the recent gains.

  • Daisy keeps whispering back that she's feeling frisky and wants to play.

  • I haven't mentioned the pseudo-preppy-ultra-biff-wearing-country-club-swingin' Lappy lately. Wasabi Brian!

  • The storage stocks have hung tough today too.

  • Note the triangle pattern on the 5-day S&P chart.

  • Those new Viagra commercials are absolutely hysterical. You know, the ones where the guy walks into the crowded room and everyone asks him if he got a haircut or lost weight? Tremendous!

  • A smart guy once said that you can pick the direction or the timing but you can rarely nail both.

  • We're getting the University of Minyanville line-up finalized and as soon as Charlotte-Anne gives me the nod, I'll make the announcement. You're gonna splotch!

  • Dorsey Wright is a valuable technical tool.

  • I've never been a big fan of rice pudding.

  • Minyans continue to send care packages to our troops. That's....fantastic.

  • If these are the random thoughts I share publicly, can you imagine the ones I keep to myself?

  • Pressing and stressing only clouds the process. Remember, you're entire year doesn't depend on the next tick.

  • We're thinking of making "Fokker" shirts -- whatdaya think?

  • I would have gotten myself in trouble if I attended Woodstock.

  • I "may" get out of the city this weekend and visit my brother Adam in Maryland. Hmm....back-to-back March Madness Minyanfests?

  • When's the last time you told your mother that you loved her? (I love you, Mom)

  • The most bullish thing I can find is that there are so many reasons to be bearish.

  • Are you overtrading?

  • The macro tells are "there"....nothing jumping out.

  • Cucumbers are sensual. PEOPLE are sensuous.

  • I think the fact that my home systems "went down" is a blessing in disguise. I've enjoyed sitting in bed and reading a book -- it's been a while.

  • Shocker! All three volatility measures (VIX, VXN, QQV) are down -- either we're going to revert back to pre-1997 levels or this is a one heckuva ominous sign.

  • Happy Birthday M.J.!

  • What's up? A chicken's ass when it eats!

  • The Institutional Investor bull/bear survey came out today. Take a guess.

  • My favorite "Rubyisms" of all-time? "Think positive," "This too shall pass," "Never thank me," and "(bleep) em."

  • The Minx is a resilient bugger, eh?

  • Project yourself six months into the future and look back at today. Will you be happy with your decisions? Have you incorporated all potential outcomes into your process? Did you act emotionally?

  • I very much enjoyed my closed door cabinet meeting with Snoop and B-Mac yesterday. Everyone should be so lucky to work with people that you not only respect, but you actually like.
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