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Random Thoughts


...this will be the best fete yet!

  • After considerable consternation and anxious anticipation, we've settled on our summer spot for Minyans in the Mountains III. And I'll promise you this, in terms of experience, this will be the best fete yet!

  • As the S's toy and toggle with S&P 1300, the four-letter freaks continue to edge through this minxy dandruff pattern. We've got some ways before confirmation (NDX 1635 by my pen) but it's on my radar as I select some tech for a trade (with very tight stops). And yes, I think the extended financials--from Citi to GS to GE--offer an intuitive hedge against that bet.

  • Does this mean I should change my Instant Message alert from the current "Moo!"

  • As always, I hope this finds you well, mindful and ready for the madness !ET iPhone home? If he does, he'll be doing it near the 200-day moving average for the first time since late 2003/early 2004 (AAPL 57.72)

  • Note the uptick in vols as the VXO (+6%) creeps back towards...11?

  • The hot sectors of the session? The homies (after they held double secret support yesterday), the metals (XAU +1.5%) and the semis (ex-Intel). The not-so-hot sectors? Biotechs and the financials.

  • Crude is on its horse (+2.5%) as the dollar gets jiggy anew (+75 bips). I get the whole reflation equation but for the life of me, I can't fit the greenback into my mental puzzle. I guess that's why they call it trading--not winning--as we're constantly reminded that nobody is smarter than the market.

  • Succo continues to cry "foul play" regarding his one run softball loss at MIM2. Rest easy, brother, you'll have your shot at redemption in less than five months. And I hear the air is thin out there...

  • It doesn't matter if you're moving mountains or mole hills, the mechanics of the swing trump the results of the at-bat.

  • While I own a little Newmont (longer-term stuff), I'm watching for a break above fitty as upside validation.

  • I can't help but wonder if the Minx slinks once Citi $48 and GE $35 are tickled.

  • If you're interested in Intel, the Wall Street dynamic, Ambien and Pharma or big picture liquidity, take a look at my morning scribe. I haven't been here since 5:00 for nuttin!

  • Speaking of pharma, I like 'em as a relative play for '06 but I'm quite conscious that they're a bit extended in the near-term.

  • you feed a fever and starve a cold or vice versa?

  • And finally, I've been pinging with my pal Snoop Tony Dwyer this morning and he sends his winks to ye faithful, adding "I haven't changed my view that the market undervalued and I still expect double digit gains from current levels over next year although not in a straight line."

  • And all my bird flu stocks are taking it on the beek, so to speak.

  • Breadth? Balanced like Nadia Comaneci on a good day.

  • Silver stocks are on their horse again as SSRI pops 5 % and PAAS lifts 3 %. If you're vibing a "What happened to the GLD can happen to SLV" scenario, setting stops removes emotion and defines risk. For me? I'm trading around longer-term holdings.

  • All I needed was a silver and black punch in the gut!

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