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More Random Thoughts


Is this the press before the spring or the rollover before the ding?


  • The tape is very "programmy" and my friend Waxy from Hotlanta tells me he's seen some alligators today.

  • "Something" twanged within me as we neared S&P 880--but it could have been my cookies.

  • I've never seen a more reactive tape in my life--every rumor is being traded.

  • Could I be dead wrong in my endorsement of Boo? Of course I can--I'm human and people make mistakes. Even so, if the new bullish phase HAS begun, i still think you'll have a chance to buy 'em cheaper.

  • There's a rumor that Minyanville Daisy and Daisy Duke will be mud wrestling at Minyanfest Sunday. Q-Lounge is located at 220 West 19th Street between 7th and 8th.

  • MU, DRI, SLR, PALM, TEK and TIBX report tonight while ATYT, CCL and PAYX report tomorrow morning. Beeks also drops off the Consumer Price Index in the ayem (exp. .2%).

  • The breadth is marginally positive in both sectors.

  • Do you remember how you November 27th and January 14th?

  • Take a deep breath and loosen your grip on the handlebars. You'll enjoy the ride much more.

  • The fact that Russell Crowe didn't win the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind is one of the all-time biggest Hollywood blunders.

  • Your P&L doesn't define you--YOU define you. Some of the wealthiest people I know don't have two dimes to rub together.

  • I can't believe Neil Glassman calls himself my pal and has yet to purchase ANY Minyanville product. No worries--he's assured me that he'll buy ALL of his accounts Minyanville Fleeces. So--if Neil covers you and you don't receive a fleece, you're being snubbed. That's so not cool.

  • When we were melty and pressed (was that really a week ago?), I opined that I wanted to fade (read: short) financials when they lifted. I still feel that way. It's my humble opinion that the brokers will all have acne by the time the grizzly is over.

  • The best summer I've ever had was when I was a camp counselor at Na-Sho-Pa.

  • Dubya's on--I gotta hop.
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