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Random Thoughts


There's something about men in uniform that I find VERY sexy, Sgt. Shepherd!


  • Chatter that Saddam was "taken out" in last night's raid has been giving the tape a bid. I obviously can't comment as to the accuracy--but that's what is being discussed in trading circles.

  • I continue to view the brokerage sector as a good trading tell today.

  • Straight down was too "easy." Now, after the fear of Snapper has emerged, the real games begin.

  • Did Sam the butcher and Alice ever "get busy."

  • Breadth, while better, isn't that hot.

  • With the volatility this wild, it makes sense to trade in smaller size.

  • My first responsibility will always be to my investors--so when it's nutty, please bear with me regarding the frequency of the posts.

  • Greetings to Sgt. Shepherd and the rest of Weapons Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, based out of Camp Pendleton, CA. Your kick-ass Minyanville Tee Shirts and awesome Minyanville Cookies are on their way. No, thank YOU!

  • Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • The market is focused solely on the war in Iraq. In time, the attention will begin to migrate back towards the economy and it's "recovery."

  • I've got three appendages in the bear costume and while it feels wrong at present, it "should" feel wrong if it is, in fact right. "Early" is more likely...but timing is everything.

  • The SOX has traded dry all day.

  • Pop quiz--Casey directed a segment of a major motion picture and cast me as "the skyscraper guy." Which flick was it? First correct answer to gets a free Minyanville tee!

  • March Madness begins in a few minutes. WASABI!

  • Land Shark! Oh no, Mr. Bill! CheeseburgerCheeseburgerCheeseburger!

  • Stochastic update: "confirmed" sell side hook-- NDX, COMP, SOX, BTK. "Pixels away" from sell signal-- DJIA, S&P. A little more room before approaching sell signals--CYC, CMR, DRG, XOI, TRAN, XBD, BKX. Nowheresville-- XAU, OSX.

  • Come hungry on Sunday if you're attending the March Madness Minyanfest--there's awesome food there. Q-Lounge is located at 220 W 19th Street b/w 7th and 8th. Opens at noon!

  • Mr. Sanchez needs a bath!

  • The bears are now scared of the "Saddam killed rally" along with the "Osama dead rally." It's really very morbid if you think of it. What a world.

  • Boo continues to walk around mumbling about the "plunge protection team." I told him to forget about it and focus on our task at hand.

  • Philly cheesesteak, er, Fed down 8. Expectations were for down .5
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