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Random Thoughts!


Monkey see....but monkey doesn't wanna do!


  • Bubba Gump would have a field day with this!

  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

  • I had a kick-arse Randoms set to roll earlier but they were forever lost in cyberspace. Frustrating? Sure. Is it worth stressing over? Nope--negative energy is wasted energy.

  • Please "see" the steady improvement in the NYSE internals--they're not giving a wink yet but they're no longer giving the death stare either

  • Weekdays with Bernie as he visits Cape Fear.

  • Second homes accounted for 36% of U.S. home purchases last year, up from more than 16% in 2003, the Washington Post reported, citing a National Association of Realtors study. Almost 25% of homes bought last year were for investment purposes, and 13% were purchased as vacation homes, the newspaper said.

  • Nosty!

  • Note the traction in the metals as our aforementioned levels (Gold $428 and Silver $7) remain underfoot. All the more impressive given the grabby greenback (+45 bips)

  • "Boo sits mounted on his horse and reviews his troops which are aligned and awaiting orders to start the battle against his arch enemy Hoofy. Boo's battle commander Beaver stands by him with her tail drawn and asks "should I give the command to start the battle?" Boo cautions Beaver about timing and says to wait until Boo Jr. returns from trying to negotiate surrender; because, "surely Hoofy most know that his fate is sealed and conquest is inevitable." As Boo encourages his troops, he gazes over the horizon and sees a headless Boo Jr. coming near on his horse and sees Hoofy pounding his chest with extreme arrogance motioning to Boo "bring it on." Boo slowly speaks, "Hoofy has given us his answer" and turning to Beaver says "strength and honor" and resolutely orders Beaver to wait for his command to "unleash hell." Minyan TB

  • "France just issued a 50 year, Holland announced a 30 year, Greece launched a 32 year today (hearing went well). When will the U.S. get back into that game?" Collins on the Buzz (and across the office).

  • This explains today's Snapper.

  • I share the following vibe from my good friend Neale Godfrey of the Children's financial Network: "Good morning everyone. My PBS special, "Your Children, Your Money, Your Life", will air tonight on WLIW - 21 at 7:30 p.m. If you cannot watch the show, please consider a pledge to WLIW via their web site or their toll free number of 800.767.2121. Thank you for all of your support of this worthy project...Neale"

  • Neale has devoted her life to children's fiscal literacy and she has full-fledged critter support. Anything that the Minyans can do to help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Does the path of maximum frustration take us through S&P 1218 before the trap door opens?

  • My best fundie guys are telling me that earnings are "fine." But the fundamentals aren't the top dawg metric?

  • "Attention: Obvious Technical Analysis Department: I normally don't pay a whole lot of attention to these things, but I think some levels just ahead in the Nasdaq futures are interesting. 1545ish is the prior swing peak from 02/08 (the "left shoulder" if we're about to see a head and shoulders top). It's also precisely the 38% retrace of the December-January decline. The declining 50-day moving average is also right about there. 1565ish is the prior swing high from 02/15. It also happens to be precisely the 50% retrace of the Dec-Jan decline.These levels can give you defined areas to place stops but be aware that if I see them, so does everyone else. We could/should see some good volatility around those numbers." Jason Goepfert on Today's Buzz.

  • On guard!

  • Cash Bubble?

  • Frogger!

  • Congratulations to team Minyan on a job well done. Casey, Kevin, Len, Judith, Allan, Collins, Meehan, Julie and the entire staff of Minyanville scribes--you guys are the bomb! I am humbled daily to be surrounded by your company.

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