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Random Thoughts


I'd be willing to mud wrestle that cowgirl if she's got the guts!


  • Each Giraffe's coat has a unique pattern, much like human fingerprints. And yes, they ARE capable of making sounds--mea culpa.

  • Add BSC to your list of "tells" today--it's important.

  • I've always been of the opinion that trading bottoms are "points" while trading tops are "processes."

  • It's a Buck Dancer's Choice, my friend, better take my advice. You know all the rules by now and the fire from the ice.

  • Daisy called the NCAA and pulled some strings-- and March Madness Minyanfest is ON for Sunday at Q-Lounge. 220 West 19th Street (between 7th and 8th). Fokker is gonna set up a lemonade stand and there will be Minyanville Tees and fleeces available for interested Minyans!


  • SOX and NDX stochastics pixels away from "hooking" negatively. These aren't timing instruments but they're decent directional gauges.

  • Balance is an essential element of happiness and productivity. It's not easy to find, my friends, but it's worth the search. For my part, that means finding an appropriate balance between trading, writing, living and being.

  • The first dip won't define the nature of this market. How the bulls respond to the second or third dip will.

  • Have you ever eaten pizza with bacon and pineapple?

  • Europe still firm in the face of this Minxy downside test.

  • Who's hotter--Daisy from Minyanville or Daisy from the Dukes of Hazzard?

  • If you're reading this and you're not an official Minyan, tsk tsk!

  • Banks hangin' around that BKX 725 level again.

  • The bears are very scared to short--can ya blame 'em? Still, that's usually a telling sign.

  • Why did Lucy and Ricky have separate beds?

  • Why is it that when the market is melty, everyone wishes it were higher so they could sell. When it's higher, everyone wishes they bought more lower?

  • S&P 850-855 is a zone that lotsa technicians are targeting.

  • Tony has been writing some awesome stuff lately.

  • If you're flat risk, taking a five minute walk during the day always helps to clear the mind.

  • I will prolly slip that arm out of the bear costume near S&P 850, if and when, and leave both my legs in that silly metaphorical imagery. As always, I'll keep you up.

  • Is anybody else absolutely exhausted at the end of each session?

  • The R.P at the end of every column is a tribute to my grandfather, Ruby Peck.

  • John's Pizza?

  • If you were bearish at S&P 790 and bullish at S&P 870 less than a week later, think through the reasoning. That's not to say you're wrong if you were/are--I just think it's important to look at what has changed and what can still change.

  • Congrats to Neil Glassman and the lovely Gail on their engagement. It happened a few months ago but, evidently, only his "close" buddies got the call. DOH!
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