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Random Thoughts


A Guinness for everyone!

  • And Meehan is complaining?

  • All-star guitar signee Jim Grant weighs in on NBR.

  • Dollar squalor!

  • Ruby called every man he met "sir." And so do I.

  • Crude up. Crude down. Crude up. Crude down. Please keep these movements in the proper context (they're not necessarily equity "triggers")

  • We've seen some meaty insider selling from the CEO's of Travelzoo (TZOO) and Capital One (COF).

  • "There's nothing worse than the plague of inflation in the things you use (healthcare, tuition, energy) and deflation in the things you make." -- Minyan Ron Sen

  • We've been keying on the brokers over on the Buzz. The flip switchage was the wink to Snapper that a college try was in the works. I am viewing this lift as "more noise than poise" as defined risk (S&P 1206) removes emotion from the process.

  • ChartWorks with Bob Hoye.

  • Now I can't stop whistling the PC Richards thing.

  • Tagged like a sheep's ear!

  • "Distribution was apparent on both the NASDAQ and S&P, and with the expanding spreads, we're inclined to be more cautious given the liquidity conditions, bull trap, failing momentum and prevalent distribution. All our trend indications remain positive and support levels have held, yet neither sentiment nor volume flows reflect concern on the part of investors, and that implies fear has an opportunity to pervade into the mind-set of current investors. As we've stated for several weeks, the NASDAQ is very likely to provide a leading indication to the broader move for the SPX." -- Lehman scribe Jeff DeGraaf

  • Homus Erectus is limp today. HGX 480 is an important level on a few fronts and should be tossed on ye radar.

  • More Meehan embarrassment.

  • "Charles Darwin used to say that whenever he ran into something that contradicted a conclusion he cherished, he was obliged to write the new finding down within 30 minutes. Otherwise his mind would work to reject the discordant information, much as the body rejects transplants. Man's natural inclination is to cling to his beliefs, particularly if they are reinforced by recent experience--a flaw in our makeup that bears on what happens during secular bull markets and extended periods of stagnation." - Warren Buffett, Fortune Magazine, December 6, 2001

  • The Professor and Mary Anne...

  • Speaking of professors, Mr. Fleckenstein romped through MSN.

  • The most important 5% in the human race.

  • If you haven't read Succ's GM column, you're missing a beaute!

  • Pin risks into tomorrow's expiry? Exxon (XOM) $60, SMH $32.5, General Electric (GE) $35, Citi (C) $47.5.

  • Franklin's Raine will be in pain. I've been "seeing" this for years but have been notoriously early (shocker, eh?)

  • Let the games begin!

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