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Random Thoughts


I love an aggressive bull!


  • Happy Birthday Casey! May your day be as bright as you make each of mine!

  • Fokkerchaun looks a little like Kazoo.

  • Phoebe has a cold and for some reason, she felt the need to sneeze in my face all night long. Nice.

  • From one of ye faithful: "Yesterday's Lowry's Report indicates that on March 11, 2004, only 7.5% of listed securities were trading above their 10-day moving average (92.5% were trading below). In the past there have been only thirteen occurrences since 1990 when the ratio dropped below 10%, and, as seen by Lowry's analysis, this deeply oversold condition has almost always led to a market recovery two weeks, three months and one year later."

  • Wasabi John Mirtz!

  • I'm not looking forward to a showdown with Maryland (Saturday), I just want my Orangemen to focus on BYU (tomorrow). I'm still tryin' to swing the annual March Madness Minyanfest this weekend but we're in crunch mode for next week's meetings. Just to get a sense, how many Minyans would wanna hook up in NYC if we put it on the tape?

  • Hugs not drugs! The DRG is acting sedated and continues to test the 200-day moving average.

  • Leave....the....kid....alone. (and put the candle back!)

  • I flattened out my remaining longs a bit ago as I wanted to watch for a bit. There are lotsa ways to skin a Minx and yes, I coulda tossed on "trailing stops" instead. Why did I choose the path I did? For one, I added that exposure for a Snapper and I got that trade (regardless if it rips higher) and two, I wasn't thrilled with the action in the brokers (since reversed) or the widespread bullish sentiment I was picking up across the board. Premature evacuation? Perhaps, but that's what was happenin' behind my eyelids.

  • The one and only Snoop Tony Tone is joining me for an old fashioned sashimifest today. Wasabi!

  • The tricky Nikkei continues to hold (and bounce) above its reverse dandruff support line. NKY 11,500 is the next (marginal) resistance.

  • Hercules, Hercules, Hercules! Bloomberg is reporting that the PPI will be released tomorrow morning at 8:30!!!

  • Hey grandpa Neil. I (cookies) just want to (cookies) thank you for being such (cookies) a good friend over the (cookies) years.

  • Small potatoes are better than mashed potatoes.

  • Sport a critter and wear 'em proud! 10% of net proceeds from Harrison's Department Store will (gladly) be donated to the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education.

  • Beware of pins on your expiration punts.

  • Sometimes the light's all shining on me. Other times I can barely see.

  • We're in the process of trying sniffin' out flippin' the Buzz sequence (top to bottom).

  • Is it me or has Daisy been particularly saucy of late?

  • Will this lift morph into the "failing rally" (as we retest the recent highs)?

  • Everyone ping Kenny Swain!

  • Professor Fleckenstein (that's Fleck-en-STEIN) will be stompin' and rompin' through the 'Ville tonight.

  • Watch VXO 18--past resistance and current support. If (big if) it holds, this "counter-trend" Snapper has only so much juice left in it.

  • When I started out on the Morgan derivatives desk, my buddy Jack Skiba was "working" an order for a salesman (let's call him "Perky"). It got pretty heated before Jack, one of the calmest guys I know, yelled out "Come on!!" Perky, not missing a beat, shot back "DON'T COME ON ME!" The whole floor stopped moving for about five seconds...and then we all fell out of our seats laughing.

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