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The Stand-Up Minyan


Maybe I'll get myself a fur rug!


I DO have to run out near the bell for a midtown meeting but it was important to me that I got a final post out to the readership. While Minyanville is purely an educational concern, I clearly take pride in the analysis we offer and will always strive to put our best paw forward. There are some days when that won't happen (it's part of the game) but the only sugar coating you'll find here will be in our Sweet Shop.

If you recall, one of my biggest fears for Boo was the reticence of the emotional types to get involved on the long side. That's been taken care of today as, from what I can tell, the upside sirens proved too alluring for them to pass up. Clearly, the boyz from Matador City have the momentum but I remain cautious of the ability for this rally to morph into THE rally. Perhaps that doesn't matter for purposes of our job but I'll always offer my honest take.

While today's spikage clearly broke some established trendlines, our old friends S&P 870 and BKX 725 are now within spittin' distance. There are many ways to skin a Minx and how you approach this juncture is a function of your individual horizon and risk profile. I'm not gonna say playing with Hoofy was wrong--we're clearly higher--but in our business, we must look forward as that's where the profits are. I'm keeping my right hand up, both legs in the fur and my risk profile defined.

I've gotta hop, my friends, so let me jump and juggle some hats. I know these are anxious times (in many ways) and it's easy to get frazzled. Don't let yourself get too "high" during the wins or too "low" when you're down--it's all about consistency and finding a comfortable stride.

Have a peaceful night.

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